Ep.6 – Geopolitics and Democracy in Africa: A Conversation with Kaitlyn Rabe

Geopolitical Report - SpecialEurasia
Geopolitical Report - SpecialEurasia
Ep.6 - Geopolitics and Democracy in Africa: A Conversation with Kaitlyn Rabe


The latest episode of the Geopolitical Report Podcast featured a captivating discussion with Kaitlyn Rabe, Vice President & General Manager at Mondo Internazionale APS and Political and Economic Consultant at MInter Group Ltd. The episode focused on the complex dynamics of geopolitics and democracy in Africa, providing a nuanced analysis of the current situation on the continent.

The episode kicked off with Kaitlyn Rabe delving into the current state of affairs in Africa, with a particular emphasis on stability and democracy. One notable highlight was the unique condition in Senegal, a nation characterised by rare stability. Rabe’s insights shed light on the factors contributing to this stability, offering a valuable perspective on the region.

Shifting our focus to West Africa, Rabe conducted a thorough analysis of the recent increase in military coups and the growing dangers presented by terrorism. By conducting a comprehensive analysis, she skillfully dissected the underlying factors contributing to these challenges, thus offering valuable insights into the ever-evolving geopolitical landscape.

In the final segment of the episode, the conversation shifted towards Washington’s involvement in African affairs. Kaitlyn Rabe opined that while US engagement could be strategic, it is also limited because regional developments may not directly impact the United States. This perspective added depth to the discussion, prompting listeners to consider the implications of foreign involvement in African geopolitics.

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