Consulting & Services

SpecialEurasia supports private and public companies and institutions with its expertise and analysis. In addition, we provide consulting services to those institutions, business people, and companies interested in improving their knowledge regarding a specific region, economic sector, market, or phenomenon.


Country Risk Analysis

This document provides information on a specific country’s history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues.


Geopolitical Forecasting

We use geopolitics to forecast future trends and developments of nations, regions and global markets. In our forecasting, we underline constraints, imperatives, opportunities and threats to understand future trends.


Emerging Market Analysis

SpecialEurasia supports companies and organisations interested in understanding the potential security, political risk, fiscal policy and business opportunities in emerging markets.


Training & Courses

SpecialEurasia organises training courses in geopolitics, security, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), terrorism analysis, strategic communications, and foreign languages.


Due Diligence

This service is based on an Open Source investigation to obtain information regarding a company, businessman, or organisation that operates abroad to understand cooperation possibilities.



SpecialEurasia produces weekly, monthly, and semester newsletters on target countries, regions, and markets to inform private and public institutions on main trends and geopolitical dynamics.

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