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Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 stands as our distinguished publication, dedicated to unravelling the intricate layers of the Caucasus region’s geopolitical landscape, internal dynamics, sociocultural intricacies, and economic features. There is an imperative to investigate this strategic crossroads because of the historically pivotal role played by the Caucasus. Researching the uncharted Russian North Caucasus Federal District and local ‘frozen conflict’ is generating a considerable level of interest. Our efforts are bolstered by the use of primary sources, academic literature in local languages, and conducting interviews. In recognition of this necessity, Kavkaz Files has committed itself to the task of delivering in-depth and customised analyses, meticulously crafted research papers, and risk assessments pertaining to this captivating and consequential domain. Through our dedicated efforts, we aspire to illuminate the shadows and offer a profound understanding of the Caucasus, fostering a more informed discourse on its present and future trajectories.
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Abkhazia Today: A Dialogue with Viacheslav Chirikba

In August 2023, SpecialEurasia undertook a visit to Abkhazia, engaging in discussions with Viacheslav Chirikba, Director at the Centre for Strategic Studies under the President of Abkhazia, to delve into both the regional geopolitical dynamics and the intricacies of the local socioeconomic landscape.

Nakhchivan and Syunik regions
Posted in Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Caucasus Monitoring & Analysis

Erdogan-Aliyev’s Meeting in Nakhchivan Alarms Armenia and the Syunik Province

Erdogan’s planned visit to Nakhchivan following Baku’s military offensive in Nagorno-Karabakh has raised significant concerns regarding the territorial integrity of Armenia since Azerbaijan and Turkey may actively seek to establish the conditions for a potential military intervention in Armenia’s Syunik Province, with the ultimate aim of securing the Zangezur Corridor.

Russia, Turkey and the Caucasus Map
Posted in Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Caucasus Monitoring & Analysis Russia

Nagorno-Karabakh Crisis and Russia’s Strategy in the Region

The recent capitulation of Nagorno-Karabakh in the face of Azerbaijan’s military offensive has brought to light Russia’s recalibrated strategic approach in the region. This shift focuses on forging a robust alliance with both Baku and Ankara, a move designed to bolster the INSTC and leverage Turkish land as a potential hub for its new energy approach.

The presidents of Italy and Azerbaijan
Posted in Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Caucasus Monitoring & Analysis

Nagorno-Karabakh Crisis Exposed Italy’s Weak Foreign Policy Among Natural Gas and Human Rights

The Azerbaijani military incursion into the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh/Artsakh has brought to light Italy’s precarious foreign policy in the South Caucasus. Driven by a web of Rome’s imperatives and constraints, the Italian government finds itself torn between justifying Azerbaijan’s regional strategy and acknowledging the resulting humanitarian crisis and civilian casualties.

Russian military presence near Stepanaker, the capital of Nagorno-Karabakh/Artsakh
Posted in Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Caucasus Monitoring & Analysis

Azerbaijan’s Military Offensive in Nagorno-Karabakh/Artsakh: A Risk Assessment

The recent military operation conducted by Azerbaijan against the defence forces in the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh/Artsakh attests to the prevailing instability within the South Caucasus region. This development has sounded alarm bells amongst both international and regional stakeholders, who are now confronted with the prospect of a renewed conflict in this highly sensitive geopolitical theatre.

Dagestan National Centre Flag
Posted in Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Monitoring & Analysis Russia Ukraine

Geopolitics of the Dagestan National Centre and the Dagestan Battalion ‘Imam Shamil’

The establishment of the Dagestan National Centre in Russia and the Dagestan Volunteer Battalion ‘Imam Shamil’ in Ukraine underscores the reverberations of the Ukraine conflict in the North Caucasus. This development highlights a substantial threat emanating from various movements and organisations, advocating for the destabilisation and fragmentation of the Russian Federation.

Abkhazia and Stavropol Territory's Coat of Arms
Posted in Monitoring & Analysis Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Russia

Stavropol Companies’ Business Mission to Abkhazia: Implications and Opportunities

The recent business mission conducted by Stavropol-based companies to Abkhazia signified a noteworthy advancement with extensive ramifications for both Sukhum and Pyatigorsk. This exchange also highlights Pyatigors’ approach to promote foreign business ventures for the Russian Federation.

Islam and North Caucasus
Posted in Monitoring & Analysis Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Russia Ukraine

North Caucasus’Role in the Competition Between Russia and Ukraine Over the Islamic World

In the ongoing contest between Russia and Ukraine for endorsement from the Islamic world, the North Caucasus emerges as a critical asset in the Kremlin’s strategic arsenal. It serves as a linchpin for Moscow’s domestic political efforts in managing a diverse, multireligious, and multiethnic society, while also underpinning Russia’s foreign policy activities directed towards the Arab-Muslim world.

Heritage and Culture of the Jews of the North and East Caucasus
Posted in Monitoring & Analysis Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Middle East

Jewish Heritage Preservation in the Caucasus: Azerbaijan’s Cultural Diplomacy to Strengthen Relations with Israel

The conference held in Baku on the Jewish community of the Caucasus underscored the positive state of relations between Azerbaijan and Israel. Notably, it shed light on Baku’s strategic use of cultural diplomacy to foster stronger ties with Tel Aviv and garner support from the global Jewish community.

Nikol Pashinyan and Vladimir Putin
Posted in Monitoring & Analysis Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474

Pashinyan’s Complain About Russia Underlined Armenian Swinging Foreign Policy

Nikol Pashinyan’s recent statements on Armenia’s ‘erroneous’ dependence on Russia may reflect a new direction in Yerevan’s foreign policy, signalling a desire to seek alternative solutions, particularly by cultivating stronger relationships with Western nations

Ramzan Kadyrov
Posted in Monitoring & Analysis Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Russia

Chechen Leader Ramzan Kadyrov: A Key Ally in Putin’s Fight Against Prigozhin and Wagner PMC

The orchestrated military rebellion, led by Evgeny Prigozhin, against the central authority in Russia, presents an opportunity for Ramzan Kadyrov, the Chechen leader, and his military troops to emerge as significant allies and actors in the Kremlin’s domestic and foreign policy landscape.

North Caucasus Federal University
Posted in Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Middle East Monitoring & Analysis

Bridging Nations: Promoting Cooperation between North Caucasus and Iraq through Education and Research

The recent visit of the North Caucasian Federal University (NCFU) delegation to Iraq marked a significant step towards fostering cooperation between the Russian North Caucasus and the Middle Eastern country.

North Caucasus map
Posted in Monitoring & Analysis Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Russia

Beyond the Headlines: Understanding the Ongoing Relevance of the North Caucasus

This report highlights the reasons the North Caucasus remains important and necessitates ongoing monitoring and provides some future scenarios about the region.

A city in Dagestan
Posted in Monitoring & Analysis Caucasus Central Asia Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Russia

Dagestan and Tajikistan discussed expanding cooperation in different fields, especially the halal industry

Dagestan and Tajikistan’s entente on developing cooperation confirms the North Caucasus’s role in promoting relations between Russia and foreign countries, especially those in the blizhnee zarubezhe (near abroad) where the Kremlin wants to confirm its presence and influence.

Armenia-Azerbaigian meeting
Posted in Monitoring & Analysis Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474

Il vertice Armenia-Azerbaigian di Bruxelles e la questione dei confini nazionali

Il vertice Armenia-Azerbaigian che si è tenuto a Bruxelles permette di concentrare l’attenzione sulla questione dei confini nazionali armeni e azerbaigiani la cui soluzione dovrebbe portare alla stabilità e non creare ulteriori tensioni regionali.

Islamic banking
Posted in Monitoring & Analysis Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Russia

Islamic Banking in Russia: Why Does It Matter?

The Kremlin’s project to evaluate the opportunity to implement Islamic banking in Russia might support the national economy, attract foreign investors from the Arab-Muslim world, and counter the consequences of Western sanctions imposed against Moscow due to the Ukraine conflict.

Free Artsakh sign
Posted in Monitoring & Analysis Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474

Nagorno-Karabakh/Artsakh: Azerbaijan’s strategy might lead to a humanitarian crisis and a military escalation

Azerbaijan’s transport and gas supply blockade of the Nagorno-Karabakh/Artsakh might cause a regional humanitarian crisis and evolve into a military escalation capable of destabilising the South Caucasus.

Sergei Melikov
Posted in Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Monitoring & Analysis Russia

Dagestan – Azerbaijan cooperation in transport and logistics supports Russian regional strategy

The commercial and political partnership between Dagestan and Azerbaijan might support the increasing relations between Moscow and Baku and implement the Russian foreign policy in the South Caucasus and the Caspian Sea region.

Magas the capital of Ingushetia
Posted in Monitoring & Analysis Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Russia

Ingushetia: IT Park “Adam Khamkhoev” between economic development and social promotion

The establishment of an IT Park in Ingushetia named after Adam Khamkhoev, killed in May 2022 in Ukraine, underlined local and central authorities’ desire to promote economic development and support Kremlin’s narrative related to heroism and national unity.

Makhachkala Commercial Sea Port map SpecialEurasia Monitoring Risk Analysis Map
Posted in Monitoring & Analysis Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474

Makhachkala port plays a decisive role in the Iran-Dagestan grain trade

Iran and Dagestan have increased their trade exchange through the Makhachkala Commercial Port, where the Kremlin has invested financial funds to transform this infrastructure into a logistic hub in the Caspian Sea, which might undermine the role of the close port of Baku in Azerbaijan.

Yerevan Armenia scaled
Posted in Discovery & Analysing Armenia Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Monitoring & Analysis

Cultural/fashion diplomacy and economy in Armenia: the story behind Udivila

During SpecialEurasia’s official mission to Yerevan, our team met with Armenian female entrepreneurs who founded the brand Udivila, which promotes Armenian culture and attempts to carve out a slide of a market where Armenia has not yet been present.

Stavropol territory
Posted in Monitoring & Analysis Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Russia Terrorism

Islamic State cell arrested in Russian Stavropol territory

Recent arrests of Russian citizens in the Stavropol territory linked with the Islamic State confirmed that jihadist propaganda penetrated the Russian territory by exploiting local problems and influencing the Muslim communities disseminated in the country, especially in the North Caucasus, where the Kremlin has contrasted local militancy and religious extremism.

Avar Theatre in Makhachkala Dagestan
Posted in Monitoring & Analysis Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Middle East Russia

United Arab Emirates cultural diplomacy in Dagestan

The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in the Russian Federation organised an event in the city of Makhachkala to promote the national culture and create a link with Dagestan, a strategic North Caucasian republic located on the Caspian Sea.

National Museum of Dagestan
Posted in Monitoring & Analysis Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Russia

Russian domestic politics: promoting Dagestan culture among the ethnic Russians

Kremlin’s promotion of Dagestan culture and society in Sochi underlines Moscow’s goal to contrast Kavkazophobia and, simultaneously, improve the link between ethnic Russians and local ethnic Dagestani groups since this North Caucasian republic has a strategic role in the Caspian Sea region.

Georgia Flag
Posted in Monitoring & Analysis Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Russia Ukraine

Will Georgia open a “second front” against Russia?

Georgian authorities denied that Tbilisi would hold a referendum to open a “second front” against the Russian Federation, destabilising the South Caucasus and threatening the Georgian economy, which is heavily dependent on the Russian market.

Makhachkala e1649852674888
Posted in Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Monitoring & Analysis Russia

Iran seeks cooperation with the Dagestani port of Makhachkala

Iran will play a primary role in the import-export activities in the Dagestani port of Makhachkala. The recent meeting between Dagestan and Iran’s representatives showed mutual interest in expanding trade cooperation and transit agreement.

South Ossetia and Russia
Posted in Monitoring & Analysis Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Russia

Geopolitics of South Ossetia’s possible annexation to Russia

South Ossetia considers the eventuality to join the Russian Federation through a referendum that will change the geopolitical chessboard of the Caucasus and influence the dynamics between Moscow and Tbilisi.