SpecialEurasia has created a network of partners and sponsors to conduct its projects and activities, enlarge the possibility of investigating the world of international relations and geopolitics, and assess geopolitical risk and business opportunities.

Currently, we cooperate with the following partners:

Notizie Geopolitiche

Notizie Geopolitiche is an Italian media agency founded in 2011 whose purpose is to report news and information on current geopolitics, economy, conflicts, and international business. Notizie Geopolitiche has more than 50 editors and analysts in Italy and different parts of the world. Over the years, the media agency has organised official visits to the Middle East, North Africa and the post-Soviet space.

Kaspiskij Vestniki

Kaspiskij Vestnik is an information and analytical portal based in the Astrakhan Region of the Russian Federation whose purpose is to investigate the Caspian geopolitical, economic, and social dynamics and provides insights to understand local issues and future trends.

Mondo Internazionale

Mondo Internazionale is an association that operates in cultural diplomacy, promoting and carrying out international cooperation activities of youth, intercultural, multicultural, interdisciplinary, and intergenerational nature. Mondo Internazionale counts over 250 under-35-year-old members in Brazil, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, the Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Turkey and USA. The Association’s activities and research projects reach over 86 countries worldwide. The Association aims to enhance the skills of young people, deepen their knowledge and introduce them to the labour market; it also proposes high-level contributions in the geo-strategic, multilateral, training and information fields thanks to the learning-by-doing model. Mondo Internazionale supports universities, companies, and institutions with new proposals for development projects to achieve shared and common goals.

European Affairs Magazine

European Affairs Magazine is a digital magazine that addresses issues of international politics, economics, defence and security, innovation, and research from the point of view of the European continent towards the rest of the international community. It wants to create a platform to analyse and rethink the most important issues involving the European continent and Italy and their possible involvement in foreign scenarios.

CeSEM – Centro Studi Eurasia Mediterraneo

CeSEM is a think tank established in 2012 to promote publications, documentaries, seminars, and training courses on current geopolitics and international affairs. Among its activities, CeSEM has organised official visits in the post-Soviet space creating a network of contacts among the political and entrepreneurial local world.

MInter Group Srl

Minter Group Srl offers Corporate and Institutional Advisory for businesses, organisations and institutions in international development. Geostrategic analysis, international security, intercultural communication strategies, training courses, EU project management and lobbying activities are the tools that MInter Group uses to achieve the unique goals for its customers.

Confidential Agency

Confidential Agency is an investigative company based in the Canton of Ticino that operates in Switzerland and internationally, specialising in investigations and corporate security. Confidential Agency’s investigative inquiries are aimed at individuals, companies, and law firms. Among the services and products that the company might provide to the clients, there are private, business and commercial investigation, corporate security (risk analysis and assessment, environmental and electronic remediation, data protection and computer system, computer, network and devices forensics), and close protection (personal protection, residential security, and travel security management).