About us

SpecialEurasia logo reflects our methodology, purposes and activities. Our platform aims at transforming current events into valuable Intelligence and supporting the decision-making process.

SpecialEurasia is a geopolitical and Intelligence analysis platform whose purpose is to inform the Italian and foreign audience on local, regional, and international dynamics in Eurasia, produce news, reports, analysis and transform current events into valuable Intelligence for decision-making process.

Our team comprises geopolitical analysts, editors, journalists, business and financial experts, and scholars willing to provide news, reports, analyses, and geopolitical forecasts that allow people to understand what is essential in the world.

SpecialEurasia supports private and public companies and institutions with its expertise and analyses. In addition, we provide consulting services to those institutions, business people, and companies interested in improving their knowledge regarding a specific region, economic sector, market, or phenomenon.

We believe in our concept of geopolitics and security. Therefore we developed our working model, which we considered the most necessary step to support public institutions and private companies in understanding current phenomena and future trends in Eurasia. When we started working in geopolitics, consulting, and Intelligence, we created a valuable platform for our network of contacts, partners, and followers. Day by day, we elaborated a specific criteria database to select helpful information to support private companies and public agencies.

Our area of expertise and investigation is Eurasia and the Mediterranean Sea, and North Africa because we consider this macroregion heavily connected with Europe and Asia.

Our ultimate goal is to provide solid Intelligence for the decision-making process in international relations, security, and economics. So, in our daily activities, we search, monitor, and collect open sources in different languages and from various sources to transform data and information into relevant Intelligence.

SpecialEurasia is not a media agency. Therefore, our goal is not to report daily news and events. By contrast, we want to read behind the lines of every event and inspect a single case from different points of view.

SpecialEurasia organises training courses in geopolitics, security, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), counter-terrorism, strategic communications, and foreign languages.

Our website reflects our methodology and activities. In our menu, it is possible to select our publication Geopolitical Report ISSN 2785-2598, whose purpose is to analyse geopolitical trends, security problems, and socioeconomic developments of specific regions, markets or countries. The Monitoring section reports those events in the international arena, which we consider essential to monitor for further developments and their impact on the Eurasian geopolitical chessboard. In the Intelligence section, we propose our knowledge and studies about the world of Intelligence and security.

We consider fundamental the interactive map that our followers and readers can find on the home page and below. This map highlights all our reports and monitoring articles divided for each region and country and the relative risk level (low, medium, high). We believe that mapping and monitoring countries and providing a risk assessment level is part of our duties in studying and investigating the entire Eurasian region.


If you are interested in our work, it is possible to contact SpecialEurasia at the following LINK.