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SpecialEurasia is a geopolitical and business Intelligence platform that transforms events into valuable outlooks, allowing public and private institutions, organisations, and individuals to confidently understand the increasingly complex international environment.

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Our Mission

SpecialEurasia helps our members and partners to understand and navigate a complex and ever-changing global environment. Therefore, SpecialEurasia provides solid Intelligence for the decision-making process in international relations, security, and economics, supporting public companies and institutions with written and oral reports, risk assessments, infographics, tailored interactive maps, consulting and training courses.

Our Methodology

SpecialEurasia develops comprehensive, independent, and unbiased analysis by examining current events through our geopolitical methodology. This allows us to interpret the meaning of today’s global events, block out the noise, inform decision-making and develop a more accurate view of the future.


Our Network

We have developed a solid network of international partners, contacts and sources which support our activities and projects. SpecialEurasia is not a media agency. Therefore, our goal is not to report daily news and events. By contrast, we want to read behind the lines of relevant events and inspect a single case from different points of view.

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