About us

SpecialEurasia logo reflects our methodology, purposes and activities. Our platform aims to transform current events into valuable Intelligence and support the decision-making process.

SpecialEurasia is a geopolitical and Intelligence analysis platform whose purpose is to support the Italian and foreign audience on local, regional, and international dynamics in Eurasia.

We provide solid Intelligence for the decision-making process in international relations, security, and economics. SpecialEurasia supports private and public companies and institutions with written and oral reports, risk assessments, infographics, tailored interactive maps, consulting and training courses. Our areas of expertise and investigation are Eurasia, the Mediterranean Sea, and North Africa.

We have developed a solid network of international partners, contacts and sources which support our daily monitoring. SpecialEurasia is not a media agency. Therefore, our goal is not to report daily news and events. By contrast, we want to read behind the lines of every event and inspect a single case from different points of view.

We designed an interactive map that our audience might use to assess the geopolitical risk level. This map highlights all our reports and monitoring articles divided for each region and country and the relative risk level (low, medium, high).

For further information about SpecialEurasia, do not hesitate to Contact Us.