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Middle East Map Flags
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Is China replacing the United States in the Middle East?

In an ever-evolving geopolitical landscape, the perception of a waning United States influence in the Middle East has gained momentum. This shift has sparked debates about the extent of the US disengagement and the emerging roles of other global players, particularly China.

United States + Central Asia
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Decoding the Geopolitical Meaning of the United States + Central Asia Summit of September 2023

The forthcoming “United States + Central Asia” summit, scheduled for mid-September 2023, stands as a resounding affirmation of the region’s enduring geopolitical significance

Myanmar Parliament
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Myanmar Conflict Implications for U.S. National Security

To counter a rising China, the U.S. should revise its definition of the Indian Ocean area of responsibility, and formulate a plan dedicated specifically to the Bay of Bengal and Myanmar.

NATO meeting
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NATO Needs a Bank to Increase its Effectiveness

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) suffers from disproportionate financial burden-sharing., exacerbated by the fact the NATO has expanded its area of operations beyond the borders of NATO countries. A dedicated NATO bank could be the solution.

CIA headquarter
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CIA recruiting video for dissatisfied Russians: Intelligence and strategic communications during the Ukraine conflict

The CIA video in the Russian language published on YouTube, which invites dissatisfied Russians to provide information to the U.S. Intelligence agency, confirms Washington’s strategy to create a network of assets inside the Russian Federation and put pressure on the Kremlin.

Julianne Smith_US Ambassador NATO
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The 2023 Summit in Lithuania will unveil the future agenda of the Atlantic Alliance: Interview with H.E. Julianne Smith, U.S. Ambassador to NATO

SpecialEurasia met in Rome H.E. Julianne Smith, the US Ambassador to NATO to investigate the conflict in Ukraine, the Chinese threat, and global challenges such as terrorism, issues which the Atlantic Alliance will discuss at the NATO summit in Vilnius in July 2023.

US soldiers in Syria (CENTCOM)
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CENTCOM eliminated a senior Islamic State Syria leader and highlighted the US commitment to the Middle East

CENTCOM’s killing of a senior Islamic State Syria leader stressed the US commitment to fighting the terrorist threats and emphasised the persistent instability in the Middle East related to jihadist and terrorist activities.

US Dollar banknote
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Can Saudi Arabia switch from the US dollar to the Chinese yuan?

Oil transactions between Saudi Arabia and China could be denominated in the Chinese yuan, a significant development in the evolving international economic and geopolitical landscape. If this move happens, it could have far-reaching implications for the US dollar’s status as the dominant global currency, as well as for US-Saudi relations and broader regional dynamics in the Middle East.

Kosmos vol1 2023 Silvia Boltuc SpecialEurasia
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Lo scontro tra Stati Uniti/Israele e Iran riaccende i riflettori sul Medioriente

Questo paper ha come obiettivo quello di analizzare le recenti dinamiche mediorientali e la strategia degli Stati Uniti ed Israele volta a contenere e contrastare la politica estera dell’Iran nella regione.

Antony Blinken
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Antony Blinken visited Kazakhstan and confirmed US interests in Central Asia

Antony Blinken’s visit to Astana stressed Washington’s interests in Central Asia since the region has played a vital role in the Eurasian geopolitical chessboard, especially after the beginning of the Ukraine conflict.

US Embassy in Kazakhstan e1674660469626
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Kazakhstan and the United States discussed cooperation in the field of energy security

Geopolitical Report ISSN 2785-2598 Volume 27 Issue 4 – The recent meeting between Kazakh and U.S. representatives in Washington stressed Astana’s desire to balance its foreign policy between the West, Russia, and China, and the White House strategy to increase its presence in the Central Asian republic.

Saudi Arabia map
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China’s economic cooperation with Saudi Arabia threatens U.S. regional interests

Chinese President Xi Jinping is paying an official visit to Saudi Arabia to affirm Beijing’s influence in the Gulf and contrast the U.S. presence in the region. 

US Embassy in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan
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Kyrgyzstan wants to strengthen commercial ties with the United States

The recent meeting between Zhaparov and the U.S.-Kyrgyzstan Business Council stressed Bishkek’s desire to strengthen economic relations with the United States and attract U.S. investors in its country. Balancing among these international players could be one of the main challenges that Kyrgyzstan should address, as well as the necessity to maintain control over the population and avoid possible socioeconomic problems.

Tajikistan army during Regional Cooperation
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Tajikistan between CSTO and U.S. military support to defend its borders and domestic stability

While the CSTO military exercises were taking place in Tajikistan, Dushanbe received U.S. representatives who confirmed Washington’s interest and strategy in strengthening the security and defence of the Tajik-Afghan borders.

U.S. military facilities in Japan
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How can the United States and Japan strengthen their alliance against Russia and China?

The United States and Japan have intensified their military, commercial and diplomatic cooperation to counter Russia and China’s strategy in the Asia-Pacific and strengthen Washington’s foreign policy Pivot to Asia. 

South Korea view from the satellite e1659715352269
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Nancy Pelosi’s visit to South Korea confirmed the U.S. partnership with Seoul

Nancy Pelosi’s visit to South Korea highlighted Seoul’s role in Washington’s Asia-Pacific strategy to contrast North Korea’s military threat in the Korean Peninsula and, at the regional level, confront the rising Chinese presence.

Nancy Pelosi
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Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan: will the United States reinforce the Pivot to Asia policy?

Nanci Pelosi’s visit to Taipei and the U.S. military manoeuvres in the region confirmed Washington’s interests in the Asia-Pacific and the United States’ attempt to achieve political-strategic goals in an area which has experienced the rise of Chinese military and political presence.

Osama bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahiri
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U.S. drone strike killed al-Qaeda’s leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in Afghanistan

The killing of al-Qaeda’s leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in Kabul by a U.S. drone strike confirmed Washington’s interests in the region and the Taliban’s policy to host terrorist organisations’ high-ranking leaders in the country, which has become a “safe heaven” for different jihadist groups.

Rimpac Philippine Luna
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Rimpac 2022: the most important U.S. manoeuvre in the Pacific

Among the framework of Rimpac 2022, Washington has organised several training activities to enhance interoperability between the U.S. Navy, Amy, Marines and Airforce and the armed forces of allied countries part of the Asia-Pacific region and contrast the rising Chinese threat in the area.

Hanoi Vietnam
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Vietnam: a disputed land between the United States and the People’s Republic of China.

The People’s Republic of China and the United States have embarked on a foreign policy aimed at influencing political and economic dynamics in Vietnam, a republic in the Asia-Pacific which plays a strategic role thanks to its geographical position.

US Indo Pacific Command
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The US Valiant Shield 22 exercise: a warning to Beijing

US Indo-Pacific Command coordinated the Valiant Shield exercise conducted near the second island chain and in the Philippine Sea to counter the Chinese presence in the Asia-Pacific.

U.S. President Joe Biden
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Analysis of President Biden’s visits to Japan and South Korea

On May 20th-24th, 2022, U.S. President Joe Biden paid diplomatic visits to Japan and South Korea to confirm the geopolitical importance the United States attaches to the Asia-Pacific region

Solomon Islands map
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The Sino-American competition in the Pacific region: the case of the Solomon Islands

The United States and its allies will watch closer the growing partnership between China and the Solomon Islands monitoring whether Beijing will manage to build a military base in a country that plays a strategic role in the Pacific.

US ASEAN summit in Washington 2022
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Joe Biden-ASEAN summit: a U.S. soft power action?

On May 12th – 13th, 2022, President Biden held a summit in Washington with the member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to counter the political-economic expansionism of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in the Asia-Pacific region.

USS Abraham Lincoln
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U.S. maritime military presence near the Korean peninsula

The U.S. military deployment of the USS Abraham Lincoln near the Korean peninsula confirms Washington’s commitment to increasing its military presence in the Asia-Pacific region, contrasting North Korea’s threats and assuring its regional allies’ security.

Balikatan military exercise Philippines
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The U.S.-Philippines military exercise ‘Balikatan 2022’

The joint U.S.-Philippines military exercise ‘Balikatan 2022’ is a sign of Washington’s commitment and strategy in the Asia-Pacific to contrast further Chinese expansion in the region and strengthen military and political relations with Manila.

Guam Government House
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The United States strengthens the Guam base

The United States has strengthened bases and military resources in Guam underlying the geopolitical and strategic role that the island has and Washington’s desire to counter the Chinese presence and strategies in Asia-Pacific.