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Bomb Blast Peshawar in Pakistan
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Security And Terrorist Threat in Pakistan: Islamabad Left In A Destabilising Position After Taliban Takeover In Kabul

Since the Taliban’s ascension to power in Afghanistan and considering recent developments within Pakistan, the regional security landscape has witnessed a discernible deterioration, primarily because of the escalating terrorist menace emanating from Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

Birjiand in the South Khorasan
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SEZs might booster Iranian Khorasan trade with Afghanistan

The strategic positioning of the Khorasan region is pivotal for the facilitation of trade and cultural interchange with adjacent nations. In this regard, implementing Special Economic Zones (SEZs) might strengthen the relations between Afghanistan and Iran.

Jamaat al-Ahrar, an affiliated to TTP
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Unveiling the Complexities: Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, and Afghanistan’s Turbulent Landscape

The assassination of Qari Mohammad Dawezi in Afghanistan, a field commander affiliated with the Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, a faction withing the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), highlights the intensifying factional infighting within the organisation and the significant role that the Afghan territory has for jihadist militants.

Afghan terrorist in Azerbaijan
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Countering Terrorism: Azerbaijani Authorities Thwart Afghan Citizen’s Plot to Destabilise National Security

The Azerbaijani State Security Service recently detained an Afghan citizen who had been planning a terrorist attack within the country. This alarming development highlights the ongoing global threat of terrorism and the importance of maintaining public stability and security.

Jihadist threat and Pakistan-Tajikistan cooperation
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Countering Jihadist Threats: Pakistan-Tajikistan Defence Cooperation in Focus and Geopolitical Implication

By improving security and defence cooperations, Pakistan is trying to increase its influence on Tajikistan and the regional security system of Central Asia as a whole and prevent the rise of jihadist groups.

Flag map of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
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Afghanistan: the Taliban killed seven Islamic State militants

The Taliban continue their effort to contrast and eliminate the Islamic State’s threat, confirming the Islamic Emirate necessity to stabilise the country to attract foreign investors and international consensus.

Turkmenistan start exporting natural gas to Pakistna through Afghanistan
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Turkmenistan began supplying natural gas to Pakistan through Afghanistan

Turkmenistan accomplished the mission to export its natural gas to Pakistan through Afghanistan, an economic goal that Ashgabat aimed to reach to diversify its exports and trade partners and increase the revenue.

Afghanistan map
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Afghanistan: the terrorist attack in Kabul highlights an unstable domestic security situation

The Islamic State terrorist attack against the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Afghanistan in Kabul stressed the unstable situation in the country and the Taliban’s inability to face terrorism and jihadist groups. Although the Taliban claimed that they had upgraded the national security situation since they took power in August 2021, the number of violent attacks and bomb blast have increased.

Geopolitical risk Central Asia and AfPak SpecialEurasia
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Geopolitical risk in Central Asia and AfPak: what to watch in 2023

In 2023, foreign actors’ interests, terrorism, authoritarianism, and economic slowdown might threaten Central Asia and AfPak’s security and stability and increase regional geopolitical risk.

National Reistance Front of Afghanistan 2
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The National Resistance Front of Afghanistan: an interview with Hamid Saifi

SpecialEurasia had the opportunity to interview Hamid Saifi, a former Afghanistan National Army commanding officer (5thBrigade of the 203rd Thunder Corps) and current member of the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan, to discuss the actual situation on the ground, the NRF strategy and deepen our knowledge about the local dynamics in Afghanistan.

Embassy of Russia in Kabul e1632655663590
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Russia about to boost cooperation with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Russia and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) signed the most significant deal since the Taliban movement came to power last year, confirming Kremlin’s interests in the country and Moscow’s will to become a key regional actor.

Osama bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahiri
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U.S. drone strike killed al-Qaeda’s leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in Afghanistan

The killing of al-Qaeda’s leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in Kabul by a U.S. drone strike confirmed Washington’s interests in the region and the Taliban’s policy to host terrorist organisations’ high-ranking leaders in the country, which has become a “safe heaven” for different jihadist groups.

Central Asia SpecialEurasia Monitoring Risk Analysis Map
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Central Asian republics between socio-economic projects, popular protests, terrorist threats and the Afghan dilemma

Central Asian republics want to establish solid regional cooperation to promote socio-economic projects to stabilise the area and contrast rising problems such as widespread disappointment and protests, terrorist threats and security issues related to the current situation in Afghanistan.

ISIS fighters in Afghanistan
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Uncertainty and instability in contemporary Afghanistan

Since the U.S. troops’ withdrawal and the Taliban’s rise to power, Afghanistan has witnessed huge uncertainty, instability and destabilisation due to the terrorist threat and criminal activities, economic problems, interethnic confrontation aggravated by the Taliban interim government, and regional and international geopolitical interests.

Emirate of Afghansitan Taliban
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The Taliban between state and non-state actors: a double-edged sword

Geopolitical Report ISSN 2785-2598 Volume 18 Issue 2 – The 2021 proclamation of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan reveals several straightforward and/or controversial relationships with state and non-state figures at the regional level. This intricate web of relations plays a role in outlining the Taliban regime’s assets and challenges.

Webinar Afghanistan SpecialEurasia
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Summary of the Webinar “Afghanistan: geopolitical interests, humanitarian crisis and security”

On April 6th, 2022, SpecialEurasia organised the webinar “Afghanistan: geopolitical interests, humanitarian crisis and security” to address the Italian public opinion on the current situation of the Afghan people after the U.S. troops’ withdrawal and the Taliban’s seize of power.

TAPI pipeline
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India and Turkmenistan discussed the Afghanistan situation and the TAPI natural gas pipeline project

The Turkmenistan-India meeting highlighted the role that Afghanistan plays in Ashgabat and New Delhi’s foreign policy and regional strategy and the importance that the TAPI project play for Turkmen and Indian economies. 

Taliban in Afghanistan e1648148450285
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Islamic State Khurasan published a video targeting Taliban government’s ties with the international community

Recently, a video published by Al-Azaim Foundation, Islamic State Khurasan Province (ISKP)’s mouthpiece in the region, harshly lashed out against the Taliban and their relations with the international community and particularly neighbouring countries, including Pakistan, China, and Russia.

Meeting between Vladimir Skurikhin and Abdul Kabir
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Russian companies’ interests in Afghanistan and TAPI

During the last few days, Russian companies have shown interest in supporting the TAPI pipeline project and the Taliban in reparing their helicopters and training personnel highlighting the Kremlin’s strategy in Central Asia and Afghanistan.

Webinar Afghanistan banner final revue
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Webinar “Afghanistan: interessi geopolitici, crisi umanitaria e sicurezza”

SpecialEurasia organizza il webinar “Afghanistan: interessi geopolitici, crisi umanitaria e sicurezza” con l’obiettivo di analizzare le dinamiche attuali afghane e comprendere quali sfide il paese dovrà affrontare nel breve e medio periodo così come l’impatto che l’attuale governo ad interim dei Talebani potrà avere a livello regionale. 

Road of Peshawar e1646581668116
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The terrorist attack in Pakistan highlights regional instability

The recent terrorist attack in Peshawar underlined security problems in Pakistan linked to different terrorist groups that operate in the region, especially between the Afghan-Pakistani border, and stressed Islamabad and Kabul’s current inability to completely contrast the Islamic State’s threat.

Afghanistan opium poppy field e1645355324612
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In Afghanistan drug trafficking and terrorism are increasing among regional concerns

Recent reports have underlined that drug trafficking, terrorist attacks, and Islamic State activities are Afghanistan’s leading dangers that can jeopardise local security and Central Asian dynamics.

Balochi in Pakistan and Afghanistan map
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Arrests and kidnapping of Balochis in Afghanistan increased

In Afghanistan, the Taliban are arresting or kidnapping the Balochi to please Islamabad. Last week, the Balochistan Liberation Army organised violent attacks which severely hit the Pakistani army and threatened Chinese interests in the region.

Afghanistan and Central Asia geopolitics e1643623828303
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Afghanistan’s role in China-India competition in Central Asia

Recent separate summits between China, India and Central Asian republics stressed New Delhi – Beijing’s competition in the region and their attempt to influence local dynamics exploiting the current situation in Afghanistan, economic cooperation, investments in infrastructural projects, and security cooperation against terrorism.

Meeting Taliban and Turkmenistan
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Taliban and Turkmenistan discussed the TAPI pipeline project

The meeting between the Taliban and the Turkmen representaives in Ashgabat underlined the Taliban’s attempt to create partnerships and joint projects with Central Asian republics and Turkmenistan’s necessity to discuss with the Afghan interim Government the promotion of the TAPI natural gas pipeline.

Taliban Ahmad Massoud and Ismail Khan e1641827593162
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Taliban reported a meeting with Ahmad Massoud and Ismail Khan in Tehran

The Foreign Affairs Minister of the Taliban interim Government Amir Khan Muttaqi said that he had met with the head of the National Resistance Front Ahmad Massoud and the leader of the Herat militia Mohammad Ismail Khan in Tehran.

Afghan Turkmen border clashes January 2022 e1641311914167
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Taliban involved in clashes at the Afghanistan-Turkmenistan border

The recent border clashes between the Taliban and Turkmen security forces highlight how fragile the security situation is in the region. As a matter of fact, in the last month, the Taliban also collided with the Iranian and Pakistani border guards.