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Abkhazian flags in Sukhum scaled
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Geopolitics of parliamentary elections in Abkhazia

The upcoming parliamentary elections in the Republic of Abkhazia are crucial for the Abkhaz political life, and regional geopolitics since the country plays a strategic role in the Caucasus and the Black Sea region.

Krpnshtadt polling station
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Russian elections 2021: report from Kronshtadt

The Russian elections started today among the rumours and allegations that international media have reported on the legitimacy of the Russian electoral process. SpecialEurasia had the opportunity to visit some polling stations in Kronshtadt to evaluate the transparency of the Russian elections.

2020 Nagorno Karabakh Conflict Monitoring ASRIE Analytica e1627217596253
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Armenian parliamentary election: why matters?

Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Volume 5 Issue 2 Author: Giuliano Bifolchi After the 2018 Velvet Revolution and…

Raisi presidential campaign
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Why we should monitor the Iranian presidential election

The upcoming Iranian presidential election is among the 2021 most important geopolitical events because the future Iranian president might influence the Iran-United States negotiations on the Nuclear Deal, Tehran’s foreign policy and domestic economy strategy.