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Iran ambassador and Italian companies
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Iran Opens the Country to Italian Companies: Why Does It Matter?

The recent meeting between the Iranian ambassador in Rome and the managers of selected Italian companies underscores a significant potential for economic cooperation between the two parties. Tehran’s keen interest in attracting foreign investors and companies, particularly those from Italy, is palpable.

Visa's interests in Kazakhstan SMEs
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Visa’s Strategy in Kazakhstan Confirms Foreign Interests in the Local SMEs

The “Business Springboard” competition, which has been organised by Visa, demonstrates the significant interest foreign entities hold for the SMEs sector in Kazakhstan. It unequivocally signifies their commitment to solidifying their footprint in the local market and forging enduring relationships with the burgeoning community of small and medium enterprises.

Mongolia pasture
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Modern Mongolia and the Economics of Herding

This analysis investigates the economic hardships experienced by Mongolian herders and explores the profound influence of global forces on their traditional way of life, shedding light on the intricacies of their livelihoods amidst an ever-changing landscape.

SPIEF 2023
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Shifting Geopolitical Tides: St. Petersburg International Economic Forum Explores Russia’s Eastward Pivot

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) serves as a significant milestone in Russia’s foreign policy and economic strategy.

Emomali Rahmon the President of Tajikistan
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Economic Cooperation and Security: Russia pushes Tajikistan’s Entry into the EAEU

The recent meeting between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Tajikistan’s President Emomali Rahmon has unveiled the Central Asian republic’s strategic role for Moscow’s foreign policy in the region in defence, security, economy and social sectors.

Astana International Forum
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The Astana International Forum 2023: Kazakhstan’s Rise as a Strategic Investment Hub and Geopolitical Hotspot

SpecialEurasia will participate in the Astana International Forum 2023, as part of our ongoing commitment to monitoring and evaluating emerging markets and investment prospects in strategic countries like Kazakhstan and the broader Central Asian region.

A city in Dagestan
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Dagestan and Tajikistan discussed expanding cooperation in different fields, especially the halal industry

Dagestan and Tajikistan’s entente on developing cooperation confirms the North Caucasus’s role in promoting relations between Russia and foreign countries, especially those in the blizhnee zarubezhe (near abroad) where the Kremlin wants to confirm its presence and influence.

Bahrain event
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SpecialEurasia attended an event on Bahrain’s politics and economic opportunities

On May 30th, 2023, SpecialEurasia Managing Director, Silvia Boltuc, attended the event “Bahrain yesterday and today” organised by Laila Khrais on behalf of the Assadakah and Welcome Association Italy.

Central Asia map
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Brussels and Beijing’s interest/competition in Central Asia

The first China-Central Asia Summit and the second EU-Central Asia Economic Forum highlighted Beijing and Brussels’ interests and competition in the region.

NATO meeting
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NATO Needs a Bank to Increase its Effectiveness

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) suffers from disproportionate financial burden-sharing., exacerbated by the fact the NATO has expanded its area of operations beyond the borders of NATO countries. A dedicated NATO bank could be the solution.

During the meeting between Smailov and Raisi, the parties discussed trade and export between countries
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Kazakhstan’s plans to increase exports to Iran emphasised Astana’s regional foreign policy

Kazakhstan’s desire to increase exports to Iran might hugely impact geopolitical dynamics in Eurasia, considering Astana’s desire to diversify and enhance its trade and economic partners to decrease Russia and China’s influence and Tehran’s necessity to overcome Western sanctions.

Shavat Dashoguz boder area e1681798117186
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Can the creation of the Shavat-Dashoguz trade zone support Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan’s economy?

The creation of the Shavat-Dashoguz trade zone might strengthen Uzbek-Turkmen’s economic cooperation and bilateral relations and attract foreign investors interested in establishing their business in Central Asia by exploiting local government’s trade agreements and logistic projects.

M4 entrance to Republic of Adygea
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Increased investment in Adygea confirmed the Kremlin’s strategy in the North Caucasus

Increased Russian investments in Adygea confirm the Kremlin’s strategy to implement the North Caucasus’ socioeconomic development and transform the region into a logistics hub supporting the diversification of Russian exports.

Uzbekistan and Vietnam meeting in Hanoy
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Vietnam and Uzbekistan seek to expand economic cooperation

Since Uzbekistan and Vietnam are expanding their economic cooperation and relations, Tashkent might promote its role in Central Asia as a regional interconnector. At the same time, Hanoi might support its foreign policy by establishing a strategic partnership with international and regional actors.

Turkmenistan map
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Italy and Turkmenistan discussed business opportunities: might Rome support EU policy in Central Asia?

The recent meeting between the Turkmen ambassador to Italy and the Italian Trade Agency’s representatives highlighted business potentialities between the two countries, Rome’s desire to increase its presence in the Turkmen and Central Asia markets, and Ashgabat’s strategy to diversify its commercial partners.

Russia economy and sanctions
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Russia’s economy since the beginning of the Ukraine conflict: sanctions are taking their toll

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has sparked economic sanctions, which are meant to cripple the economy while detracting from Russia’s ability to wage war. This paper will analyse the sanctions’ impact, the war on the Russian economy and possible future implications.

Central Bank of Egypt
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Potential risks facing businesses operating in Egypt

The pandemic crisis, the interruption of the supply chain, and the war in Ukraine with soaring fuel prices and shortages of flour and corn have put a strain on Egypt’s economic stability. In 2022, the Egyptian government adopted measures which resulted in harsher conditions for companies and local citizens, which Cairo currently hopes to overcome with the support of the International Monetary Fund.

Stavropol Territory flag
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Discovering Russia’s key foreign target through Stavropol’s economic strategy

Stavropol authorities’ desire to open trade offices abroad might underline Russia’s strategic economic goal in the Eurasian geopolitical chessboard, especially in Azerbaijan, Iran, China, and the United Arab Emirates.

US Embassy in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan
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Kyrgyzstan wants to strengthen commercial ties with the United States

The recent meeting between Zhaparov and the U.S.-Kyrgyzstan Business Council stressed Bishkek’s desire to strengthen economic relations with the United States and attract U.S. investors in its country. Balancing among these international players could be one of the main challenges that Kyrgyzstan should address, as well as the necessity to maintain control over the population and avoid possible socioeconomic problems.

Silvia Boltuc and the Minister of Economy of Armenia
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2022 Armenia economy: an interview with Vahan Kerobyan

SpecialEurasia met Vahan Kerobyan, the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Armenia, to investigate current Armenian economic trends and performance, the main drivers’ sectors, investment opportunities and fiscal policy.

Yerevan Armenia scaled
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Cultural/fashion diplomacy and economy in Armenia: the story behind Udivila

During SpecialEurasia’s official mission to Yerevan, our team met with Armenian female entrepreneurs who founded the brand Udivila, which promotes Armenian culture and attempts to carve out a slide of a market where Armenia has not yet been present.

Mall in Tajikistan
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Lower prices in Tajikistan: will Dushanbe face a “spiral deflation”?

Since August 2022, Tajikistan has started a deflationary process in the consumer sector to reduce the prices of goods and tariffs and stimulate the national economy.

Turkey Minister of Energy and Natural Resources at rare earth elements ore field
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Turkey discovered a massive reserve or rare earth elements

The discovery of a massive deposit of rare earth elements in Turkey might change the geopolitical dynamics in the Eurasian chessboard since Ankara might challenge China, which has had the leading role in the market until now. Furthermore, this finding might change the domestic political scenario in Turkey and quiet doubts and disappointment about the country’s economic performance.

Vladimir Putin SPIEF 2022
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SPIEF 2022, Russian economic strategy and international business

The Russian Federation will host international business companies and government representatives at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF 2022), an event that underlines the Kremlin’s economic strategy and foreign politics in Eurasia and the global arena.

Raisi and Putin
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Russian economy is shifting toward Eurasian markets through Iran

The Western sanctions against Russia caused by the Ukraine conflict have changed the Kremlin’s foreign policy, which currently seems to be more oriented toward the Eurasian market, as the recent Iran-Russia trade conference highlighted.

Saudi Arabia and Kyrgyzstan meeting scaled e1648036425309
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Saudi Arabia and Kyrgyzstan enhanced economic cooperation and investment opportunities

Sauri Arabia and Kyrgyzstan discussed investments partnership confirming Riyadh’s desire to improve its economic presence in the Kyrgyz market and Central Asia and Bishkek’s necessity to diversify its financial partners and foreign investors. 

Russian invasion of Ukraine 2
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Russian invasion of Ukraine and economy

Since the early morning hours, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has affected the financial markets, particularly the Russian economy, creating fears and scepticism among investors and the Russian citizens.