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Azerbaijani military aggression against Armenia threatens the stability of the South Caucasus

The Azerbaijani army’s aggression against Armenia raises concerns about the stability of the South Caucasus, an area which plays a fundamental role in the EU Energy Security Strategy.

Syria Azaz ruins
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Astana Peace Talks, Syrian refugees and Turkish new military operation

On June 15th, 2022, the 18th international meeting of Astana Peace Talks kicked off in Nur Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan. As guarantor countries, delegations from Russia, Turkey and Iran (which launched the Astana peace process in January 2017) will meet the Syrian government and opposition forces during the two-day talks.

Nagorno Karabakh conflict
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Nagorno-Karabakh conflict might influence Moscow-Baku relations

The recent military escalation at the Nagorno-Karabakh/Azerbaijan border, which caused victims from both sides, could negatively affect relations between Moscow and Baku and plunge the region into a new geopolitical, security, and socio-political crisis.

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Ukraine conflict and the Russian influence areas

Until now, the Ukrainian conflict has not changed the situation in the Russian influence areas where regional players mainly preferred to maintain neutrality and avoid any confrontation with Moscow.

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Ukraine conflict: cyber warfare and geopolitical risk

As long as Russian and Ukrainian troops are fighting each other on the ground, Anonymous started cyber warfare against the Kremlin, showing that in the 21st century, countries and non-state actors might fight a war on different levels.

Kyiv buildings after missiles attack
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Ukraine conflict: fighting north of Kyiv

The Ukrainian army announced that fights are underway in the north of Kyiv underlying the Kremlin’s desire to conquer the Ukrainian capital, neutralise the military capabilities and overthrow the Government.

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Potential implications and threats of Jihadist terrorism in the Russia-Ukraine War

The war between Russia and Ukraine, which has just begun, could also have implications in the sphere of the operations and propaganda of the Salafist-jihadist organisations.

Russian invasion of Ukraine
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Russia starts military operations in Ukraine

The Russian Federation launched a military operation in Ukraine and threatened consequences for those who interfered in the conflict supporting Kyiv.

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Ucraina orientale: possibile ripresa degli scontri

Il conflitto del Nagorno-Karabakh ha evidenziato come le aree di crisi all’interno dello spazio post-sovietico possano rapidamente sperimentare un riacutizzarsi degli scontri in grado di causare una ripresa del conflitto armato capace di influenzare le dinamiche locali e interessare gli attori internazionali. In Ucraina, la regione del Donbass, a causa delle dinamiche locali, potrebbe divenire il prossimo teatro di scontro nello scacchiere euroasiatico.

Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
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The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict might destabilise the entire Eurasian region

The Caucasus might become the theatre of a new conflict whose consequences will impact the entire Eurasian region if the international community does not stop the military escalation at the borders of the de-facto Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh and Azerbaijan. 

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Washington signed a deal with the Taliban, but this is not the end of the war

The U.S.-Taliban deal allows Washington to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan but does not represent the war’s end. Undeniably, the Taliban and other terrorist organisations still threaten the Afghan people and national security.