Ep. 5 – Russia’s Military Districts’ reorganisation and Kremlin’s domestic politics

SpecialEurasia Geopolitical Reprot Podcast Ep.5 - Russia's military policy
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Ep. 5 - Russia's Military Districts' reorganisation and Kremlin's domestic politics


In the latest podcast episode, we discussed Russia’s recent presidential decree which included the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR), as well as the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions into the Southern Military District.

The decree, issued by President Vladimir Putin on February 26th, 2024, mandates the Russian government to align its actions with the directive within three months, with the decree officially taking effect on March 1st, 2024. Beyond territorial adjustments, the document also re-establishes the Moscow and Leningrad military districts, signifying a significant restructuring of Russia’s military administrative divisions.

This strategic move underscores Russia’s formal recognition of Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporozhye, and Kherson as integral parts of its sovereign territory. Placing them within the Southern Military District serves as a geopolitical statement, particularly amidst Russia’s recent successes in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

The timing of this decision is noteworthy, as the podcast delves into its potential connections with the upcoming presidential elections in March 2024. Despite rumours and allegations surrounding the elections, polls indicate a likely victory for Vladimir Putin, suggesting that these geopolitical manoeuvres may bolster Putin’s leadership and garner domestic support.

In the broader context of the ongoing geopolitical tensions between Russia and the West, the restructuring of Russian military districts emerges as a deliberate message from the Kremlin. This move appears to be a multifaceted communication directed towards both the nation’s military apparatus and the international community. The podcast episode sought to illuminate the interconnectedness of these geopolitical decisions with the evolving domestic political landscape and the broader international relations dynamics.

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