SpecialEurasia signed a media partnership with Opinio Juris


Media Partnership SpecialEurasia and Opinio Juris

SpecialEurasia signed a media partnership with Opinio Juris – Law & Politics Review as part of our public relations and networking activities. This agreement highlights our commitment to enlarge our network of partners.

Our organisation has always cooperated with Italian and foreign institutions, companies, media agencies and NGOs (Partners & Sponsors). Today SpecialEurasia signed a media partnership with Opinio Jurisan Italian media agency whose purpose is to inform and deepen issues related to law, judiciary systems, geopolitics, human rights. In addition, Opinion Juris offers legal and consulting services, supports editorial and research projects, and organises and manages local and international events on specific issues.

Considering the geopolitical methodological approach that SpecialEurasia has elaborated (Fundamentals of SpecialEurasia geopolitical model), we believe that this media partnership might contribute to realising different research projects, enhancing our impact on the public audience, and establishing training courses and workshops in geopolitical forecasting, Open Source Intelligence, and terrorism analysis (Training & Courses).

For further information about SpecialEurasia activities and partnerships, feel free to contact us at info@specialeurasia.com.

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