Partners & Sponsors

SpecialEurasia strongly believes in cooperation and partnership, two essential elements to succeed in research, geopolitics and international relations. Since the beginning, we have strived and worked to create a network of Italian and foreign partners and sponsors who can help us in our projects and activities.

We invite media agencies, think tanks, associations, private and public institutions to create a strong partnership or sponsorship with SpecialEurasia. For more information about partnership and sponsorship opportunities, contact our team at

Among our partners and sponsors is possible to mention:

Notizie Geopolitiche (Italy)

Italian Media agency specialised in geopolitics, foreign policy and international relations. Founded in 2012 and based in Trento, Notizie Geopolitiche has covered the main events of the international arena and has organised field reports in Europe and Africa.

CeSEM – Centro Studi Eurasia Mediterraneo (Italy)

This think tank was founded to create a platform for discussion and research of the current domestic and international dynamics. CeSEM has organised several activities and conducted projects in the field of communication, research and promotion.

Opinio Juris

An Italian media agency whose purpose is to inform and deepen issues related to law, judiciary systems, geopolitics, human rights. In addition, Opinion Juris offers legal and consulting services, supports editorial and research projects, and organises and manages local and international events on specific issues.

Defense Romania

An online publication that provides information, news, interviews, reports and analysis on the armed forces, defence industry, cybersecurity, strategic decisions, counter-terrorism, and military history.

Paesi Emergenti (Italy)

This Internet portal provides information, news, and analysis on emerging markets, investment opportunities, and fiscal laws with special emphasis on the ASEAN countries.

Gold Star (Italy)

An emerging Italian company that is specialised in the field of restaurant supply and event management with several branches in Italy.

MIA Agro (Chechnya)

This Chechen company is active in agriculture and export and operates in Chechnya, North Caucasus and Southern Russia.