Fundamentals of SpecialEurasia geopolitical model


Our geopolitical interests SpecialEurasia
SpecialEurasia’s primary and secondary areas of geopolitical interests (Credits: CC BY 4.0,

SpecialEurasia has elaborated its geopolitical model to support daily activities and produce reports, risk assessments, analyses, and support the decision-making process.

We believe in our concept of geopolitics and security. Therefore we developed our working model, which we considered the most necessary step to support public institutions and private companies in understanding current phenomena and future trends.

When we started working in geopolitics, consulting, and Intelligence, we created a valuable platform for our network of contacts, partners, and followers. Day by day, we elaborated a specific database of criteria to select useful information to support private companies and public agencies.  As we stated in our presentation ‘About us‘, we desire to provide solid Intelligence and geopolitical assessments for the decision-making process in the world of international relations, security, and economics. So, in our daily activities, we search, monitor, and collect open sources in different languages and from various countries to transform data and information into relevant Intelligence.

Geopolitical methodology

We consider Mahan’s Sea Power, Mackinder’s Heartland, and Spykman’s Rimland the guidelines of our activities. We cannot deny our commitment to researching and analysing those actors shaping and/or leading maritime commercial and military sectors and influencing the regional land dynamics.

Heartland and Rimland
Map of the world according to Mackinder’s Heartland and Spykman’s Rimland theories (Credits: Blog – Chronique du Grand Jeu, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

We believe that Eurasia plays a significant geopolitical role in the international arena, and our engagement is to research and analyse any peculiarities of the region. In this framework, we focus our attention on the post-Soviet space, particularly Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia and the Caucasus, and also Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan, trying to understand which local forces, regional actors and foreign powers are involved in their dynamics.

We are not a media agency; therefore, our goal is not to report daily news and information about events. By contrast, we want to read behind the lines of every event and inspect a single case from different points of view.

We designed our website by dividing it into different sections to allow our followers, readers, clients and partners to know what matters in geopolitics, international relations, and security concisely and elegantly.

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