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Emirate of Afghansitan Taliban
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The Taliban between state and non-state actors: a double-edged sword

Geopolitical Report ISSN 2785-2598 Volume 18 Issue 2 – The 2021 proclamation of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan reveals several straightforward and/or controversial relationships with state and non-state figures at the regional level. This intricate web of relations plays a role in outlining the Taliban regime’s assets and challenges.

PKK Guerilla force
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Turkey started a military operation in northern Iraq in connection with gas pipelines

In the aftermath of the events in Ukraine and the sanctions imposed on Russia, European countries are straggling in search of alternative gas imports. Turkey started a military operation in northern Iraq to ensure gas supplies from Kurdish fields.

Islamic State leadership released a new audio SpecialEurasia
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Islamic State leadership released a new audio: an analysis

In his latest audio recently released, the Islamic State official spokesman Abu Omar al-Muhajir reported the main goals the terrorist group would like to achieve, such as contrasting Israel, exploiting the Ukraine conflict, and beginning a new series of violent attacks against the enemies.

Jamiat Ulema e Islam Logo
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Islamic State Khurasan increase its attacks against members of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam in Pakistan

The Islamic State continues promoting its propaganda and organising violent attacks against the members of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam in Pakistan, confirming that the group represents a severe threat to Pakistani domestic stability and security.

Webinar Afghanistan SpecialEurasia
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Summary of the Webinar “Afghanistan: geopolitical interests, humanitarian crisis and security”

On April 6th, 2022, SpecialEurasia organised the webinar “Afghanistan: geopolitical interests, humanitarian crisis and security” to address the Italian public opinion on the current situation of the Afghan people after the U.S. troops’ withdrawal and the Taliban’s seize of power.

Taliban in Afghanistan e1648148450285
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Islamic State Khurasan published a video targeting Taliban government’s ties with the international community

Recently, a video published by Al-Azaim Foundation, Islamic State Khurasan Province (ISKP)’s mouthpiece in the region, harshly lashed out against the Taliban and their relations with the international community and particularly neighbouring countries, including Pakistan, China, and Russia.

Yemen map e1648122860508
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Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s operations in Yemen

The recent al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula terrorist attack against the Southern Separatist Forces in Yemen demonstrated the group’s capabilities and its possible influence in regional geopolitical dynamics and security. 

IS new leader and threats in Eurasia
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Islamic State’s new leader and future threats in Eurasia

After the Islamic State (IS) leadership announced the appointment of the new organisation’s Caliph, Abu al-Hassan al-Hashimi al-Quraysh, we might predict increasing terrorist attacks and operations in Eurasia, especially in the AfPak, Syria and Iraq.

SpecialEurasia Project Monitoring Jihadist Propaganda Terrorism
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Islamic State wilayats pledged allegiance to their new leader

After the Islamic State (IS) leadership announced the appointment of the new organisation’s leader, Abu al-Hassan al-Hashimi al-Quraysh, IS spokesman Abu Umar requested all fighters in the provinces to swear allegiance to the new leader.

SpecialEurasia Project Monitoring Jihadist Propaganda Terrorism
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Al-Furqan media announced the release of a new media product

The al-Furqan media, which handles the official communications of the Islamic State leadership, announced the release of a new media product shortly, which might reveal the new Islamic State’s Caliph or comment on the current Ukraine conflict.

Road of Peshawar e1646581668116
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The terrorist attack in Pakistan highlights regional instability

The recent terrorist attack in Peshawar underlined security problems in Pakistan linked to different terrorist groups that operate in the region, especially between the Afghan-Pakistani border, and stressed Islamabad and Kabul’s current inability to completely contrast the Islamic State’s threat.

Abu Hamza video e1646063903990
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Ukraine conflict, foreign fighters and European security

The Ukraine conflict has attracted the attention of foreign fighters eager to fight against the Russian troops and the Chechen kadyrovtsy. If the war lasts longer than Moscow planned, there is a severe threat that Ukraine might evolve into a battleground where foreign fighters will promote terrorism and jihadist propaganda.

Chechen volounters
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Ukraine conflict, kadyrovtsy and Chechnya

The Chechen kadyrovtsy might have been deployed in Ukraine to support the Russian troops. This news caused the reaction of the Caucasus Emirate and underlined the important role that Chechnya plays in the Kremlin’s foreign policy and military strategy.

Ukraine Kyiv August 2021 scaled e1645722389849
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Potential implications and threats of Jihadist terrorism in the Russia-Ukraine War

The war between Russia and Ukraine, which has just begun, could also have implications in the sphere of the operations and propaganda of the Salafist-jihadist organisations.

Afghanistan opium poppy field e1645355324612
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In Afghanistan drug trafficking and terrorism are increasing among regional concerns

Recent reports have underlined that drug trafficking, terrorist attacks, and Islamic State activities are Afghanistan’s leading dangers that can jeopardise local security and Central Asian dynamics.

Balochi in Pakistan and Afghanistan map
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Arrests and kidnapping of Balochis in Afghanistan increased

In Afghanistan, the Taliban are arresting or kidnapping the Balochi to please Islamabad. Last week, the Balochistan Liberation Army organised violent attacks which severely hit the Pakistani army and threatened Chinese interests in the region.

Ahvaz terrorist attack
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Saudi Arabia supported anti-government militants in Iran

The trial of Habib Farajollah Chaab, Iranian-Swedish ringleader of Al-Ahwaziah, revealed that Saudi Arabia financially supported the Arab separatist movement, which carried out attacks in Iran and several European countries.

Copertina Storia del Caucaso bifolchi e1643702349855
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“Storia del Caucaso del Nord tra presenza russa, Islam e terrorismo” di Giuliano Bifolchi

Giuliano Bifolchi, Research Manager di SpecialEurasia, analizza il processo storico, culturale e religioso della regione nord caucasica nel suo libro “Storia del Caucaso del Nord tra presenza russa, Islam e terrorismo” pubblicato da Anteo Edizioni.

Afghanistan and Central Asia geopolitics e1643623828303
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Afghanistan’s role in China-India competition in Central Asia

Recent separate summits between China, India and Central Asian republics stressed New Delhi – Beijing’s competition in the region and their attempt to influence local dynamics exploiting the current situation in Afghanistan, economic cooperation, investments in infrastructural projects, and security cooperation against terrorism.

Embassy of Germany in Iraq Baghdad
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Germany confirms its military presence in Iraq

On Wednesday, January 12th, 2022, the new German Government decided to extend by nine months the foreign mission in Iraq of the Bundeswehr until the end of October 2022. At the same time, the German Government discussed some adjustments regarding foreign missions to exclude the possibility of using the Bundeswehr in Syria.

2022 Kazakhstan protests — Aqtobe January 4 01
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Geopolitical consequences of the political crisis in Kazakhstan

The recent Kazakh political crisis and the CSTO military intervention in the country marked a new phase in the geopolitics of Central Asia since the Kremlin re-established its grip on the Republic of Kazakhstan after having military and politically supported President Toqayev.

Soldiers Chinese People Liberation Army
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The Deadliest Enemies: China’s Overseas Military Bases in Central Asia and Uyghur’s Turkestan Islamic Party

Amid the burgeoning sentimental relationship between Beijing and the resurrected Taliban’s Emirate 2.0, the al Qaeda-affiliated Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP) has aggravated its propaganda war against Communist China, hence cleverly concealing its historically faithful jihadi bonds with the Afghan Taliban.

Urumqi Chinese police forces
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Uyghur militants in Afghanistan: a possible threat for China

The presence of Uyghur suicide bombers in the ranks of the Islamic State-Khorasan increases Beijing’s fears about the threat to China’s national security emanating from Afghanistan.

Mapping Terrorist Attack Afghanistan 2021
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Mapping and monitoring terrorist activities in Afghanistan in 2021

We have monitored terrorist and violent attacks in Afghanistan in 2021 and produced an interactive map to assess which regions are affected mainly by terrorist organisations and analyse how terrorism has evolved or changed since the Taliban’s rise to power.

Emirate of Afghansitan Taliban
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Dilemma of Central Asian Jihadists between IS-K and Taliban

The Taliban’s pragmatic diplomacy and gradual departure from the Jihadi ideology alienate Central Asian jihadists from the Taliban and strengthen its ardent enemy, the Islamic State Khorasan (IS-K). Taliban-backed Uyghur jihadists, who exploited shahids (martyr) exclusively against the Chinese authorities in the past, recently carried out a suicide attack against the Shia Hazara minority under Taliban rule.

Taliban Humvee in Kabul
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The effect of terrorism in Afghanistan on Russian-Tajik relations

The recent terrorist attack in Kunduz alarmed Tajikistan and Russia on the stability and security of the Afghan-Tajik borders and the Taliban ability to counter Islamic State and other terrorist groups in Afghanistan. In this framework, Moscow and Dushanbe are seeking to enhance their cooperation in the security field, confirming the Russian strategy to play a decisive role in Afghanistan and Central Asia.

Pompeo and the Taliban e1632659295781
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The new geopolitical game of Afghanistan

The complete NATO troops withdrawal from Afghanistan and the rise of the Taliban mark the beginning of a new geopolitical game in the region, which involves China, Russia, Pakistan, Iran, India and Turkey. At the same time, the United States seems to have increased their strategic interest in the Asia-Pacific to counter Chinese sea power and in the Middle East to confront Iran.