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Abkhazia and Stavropol Territory's Coat of Arms
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Stavropol Companies’ Business Mission to Abkhazia: Implications and Opportunities

The recent business mission conducted by Stavropol-based companies to Abkhazia signified a noteworthy advancement with extensive ramifications for both Sukhum and Pyatigorsk. This exchange also highlights Pyatigors’ approach to promote foreign business ventures for the Russian Federation.

Stavropol Territory flag
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Discovering Russia’s key foreign target through Stavropol’s economic strategy

Stavropol authorities’ desire to open trade offices abroad might underline Russia’s strategic economic goal in the Eurasian geopolitical chessboard, especially in Azerbaijan, Iran, China, and the United Arab Emirates.

North Caucasus SpecialEurasia Monitoring Risk Analysis Map
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The North Caucasus connects Russia with the Middle East and Africa

The Stavropol territory welcomed representatives from the Middle East and Africa in the event “North Caucasus in the Changing World”, whose goal was to create a link between the region and potential foreign investors and markets.

Stavropol territory
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Islamic State cell arrested in Russian Stavropol territory

Recent arrests of Russian citizens in the Stavropol territory linked with the Islamic State confirmed that jihadist propaganda penetrated the Russian territory by exploiting local problems and influencing the Muslim communities disseminated in the country, especially in the North Caucasus, where the Kremlin has contrasted local militancy and religious extremism.