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Iran and SCO
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Iran’s Entry into the SCO: A Game-Changer in Eurasian Geopolitics

Iran’s admittance to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) as a full member is a noteworthy step that has greatly impacted the geopolitical arena of the region.

Shanghai Cooperation Organisation SCO
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Iranian possible membership in SCO: a geopolitical overview

Iran signed a memorandum of commitment for its permanent membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, enhancing its role in the Eurasian chessboard and strengthening the Moscow-Beijing-Tehran axis.

Vladimir Norov
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The SCO in the system of new Uzbekistan’s foreign policy. An interview with Vladimir Norov

SpecialEurasia published in media partnership with Dunyo Information Agency the interview of the acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan, Vladimir Norov, about the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and the Uzbek new foreign policy.