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Greece between the hammer and the anvil: geopolitical games in the eastern Aegean

Since its birth after the 1821 war against the Ottoman Empire, the Modern Greek state has always been linked to the then three major powers: France, the U.K., and Russia, with the U.K. being substituted by the U.S. during the 20th century to contain the Soviet threat. This dependency is still a reality in Greek politics and foreign affairs. Athens remains a bone of contention for those powers fighting for a strategic position in the Mediterranean Sea.

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Geostrategy and military competition in the Mediterranean Sea

The geostrategic importance that the Mediterranean Sea has assumed in recent years can be traced back to the political-strategic priorities defined by Russia, the United States and some of its allies (Italy, Spain, France), identifiable as the states most militarily active within some regions of this geo-maritime space.

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Geopolitics of the Libyan crisis

The Libyan crisis directly interests Italy which in the last days tried to manage the escalation inviting in Rome Khalifa Haftar and Fayez al-Serraj without any success. In fact, the Italian attempt to conduct its personal diplomacy resulted in a disaster when al-Serraj refused to come to Rome as a sign of protest against the Italian government that since 2014 have supported Tripoli government and now with a late desperate move wants to protect its interests in North Africa creating a network of contact with the different Libyan local key actors as Haftar.