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Astana International Forum
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The Astana International Forum 2023: Kazakhstan’s Rise as a Strategic Investment Hub and Geopolitical Hotspot

SpecialEurasia will participate in the Astana International Forum 2023, as part of our ongoing commitment to monitoring and evaluating emerging markets and investment prospects in strategic countries like Kazakhstan and the broader Central Asian region.

Bahrain event
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SpecialEurasia attended an event on Bahrain’s politics and economic opportunities

On May 30th, 2023, SpecialEurasia Managing Director, Silvia Boltuc, attended the event “Bahrain yesterday and today” organised by Laila Khrais on behalf of the Assadakah and Welcome Association Italy.

Egyptian investments in Uzbekistan
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$1.2 billion Egyptian investments to strengthen relations with Uzbekistan

Egyptian business representatives promised $1.2 billion investments in Uzbekistan in different economic fields during the meeting with the Uzbek President

M4 entrance to Republic of Adygea
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Increased investment in Adygea confirmed the Kremlin’s strategy in the North Caucasus

Increased Russian investments in Adygea confirm the Kremlin’s strategy to implement the North Caucasus’ socioeconomic development and transform the region into a logistics hub supporting the diversification of Russian exports.

Silvia Boltuc and the Minister of Economy of Armenia
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2022 Armenia economy: an interview with Vahan Kerobyan

SpecialEurasia met Vahan Kerobyan, the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Armenia, to investigate current Armenian economic trends and performance, the main drivers’ sectors, investment opportunities and fiscal policy.

Kyrgyz Italian companies meeting e1649940300628
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Italy discovers business opportunities in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan and Italy recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations. Recent official meetings between Italian and Kyrgyz political and business representatives underlined Italy’s interest in deepening cooperation with central Asian markets.

Saudi Arabia and Kyrgyzstan meeting scaled e1648036425309
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Saudi Arabia and Kyrgyzstan enhanced economic cooperation and investment opportunities

Sauri Arabia and Kyrgyzstan discussed investments partnership confirming Riyadh’s desire to improve its economic presence in the Kyrgyz market and Central Asia and Bishkek’s necessity to diversify its financial partners and foreign investors. 

Shahid Rajaee port e1645628268187
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Japanese interests in Iranian ports and the Persian Gulf

The recent meeting between the Japanese Ambassador in Iran and the head of the Ports and Navigation Department of the Hormozgan province to discuss investments underlined Japan’s interests in expanding maritime cooperation in the Persian Gulf exploiting the Iranian ports’ role. 

Central Asian Republics econonmic dependence on China SpecialEurasia
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Central Asian republics’ economic dependence on China

China has invested substantial financial amounts in Central Asia creating an economic dependence and strong connection between Beijing and Central Asian republics. Chinese economic presence in Central Asia might threaten Moscow’s Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and the Kremlin’s desire to remain the leading geopolitical actor in this region.

Tatarstan and Kyrgyzstan e1637328363823
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Tatarstan’s role in Kyrgyz economic diversification and investments attraction

The recent official visit of the President of Tatarstan in Bishkek and the forum ‘Tatarstan – Kyrgyzstan’ highlighted the role that Kazan might play in supporting the Russian strategy in the Kyrgyz republic by improving economic cooperation and trade turnover.

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Saudi Arabia interests in Kazakh economy and projects

Saudi Arabia wants to expand its influence and economic presence in Kazakhstan because the Central Asian republic…

UAE and Tajikistan economic meeting
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Geopolitics of UAE investments in Central Asia

The United Arab Emirates are among the Gulf countries the most active in Central Asia, as demonstrated by the participation of an Emirati business delegation at the International Business Forum Dushanbe-Invest 2021. Abu Dabhi’s investments in Tajikistan highlight Emirati strategy in the country and, generally speaking, in Central Asia to exploit economic opportunities and investment projects to make the UAE a leading foreign actor in the region.

Geopolitics of Central Asia Monitoring ASRIE Analytica e1627219998109
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Kazakhstan and UAE strengthened their economic partnership

The recent intergovernmental agreement on implementing joint projects between the United Arab Emirates and Kazakhstan underlined the…

Uzbekneftegaz Tashkent
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German investments in Uzbek energy sector

Since the Republic of Uzbekistan aims at becoming the energy epicentre of Central Asia by establishing a series of energy production infrastructure and, consequently, attracting foreign direct investments (FDIs) in the country, Germany has shown its interests as confirmed by the recent 1,1 billion euro agreement between German banks and Uzbekneftegaz to expand the capacity of the Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex.

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China, top investor in the Tajik economy

The People’s Republic of China is the main investor in the Central Asian republic of Tajikistan. In fact, since 2013, when Beijing launched the Belt and Road Initiative, China has invested significant financial funds in Central Asia to modernise regional infrastructure and stabilise this strategic area.