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Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan
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Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan continue strengthening investment cooperation and bilateral relations

Recent negotiations between Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan on investment cooperation confirmed Riyadh’s strategy in Central Asia based on financial support to local governments’ infrastructural projects and humanitarian aid.

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Oman: regional role, development strategy and media. Report from Muscat

Located in the south of the Arabian Peninsula, the Sultanate of Oman has elaborated a strategy to establish balanced relations with regional and international actors, improve social living conditions, attract foreign direct investments (FDIs), and promote its historical identity and traditions.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China
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EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment: geopolitical implications

The recent EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment can mark the beginning of a new phase for Brussels-Washington relations, cause consequences on the geopolitical Eurasian chessboard, and give birth to the renewed French-German leadership/confrontation in Europe. 

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Investment opportunities and key sectors in Kyrgyzstan

Albeit in 2020 Kyrgyzstan experienced a contraction of foreign direct investments due to Covid-19 this post-Soviet republic might become an interesting market for foreign investors who aim at penetrating the Central Asian market which plays a significant role in the geopolitical Eurasian chessboard. 

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US strategy in Kazakhstan: more investments and economic partnership

According to the new US strategy in Central Asia, the White House is expanding trade partnerships and investments in Kazakhstan, which aspires to improve independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity in the so-called Stan Countries and strengthen Washington’s presence in one of the most strategic regions in the world.