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Myanmar Parliament
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Myanmar Conflict Implications for U.S. National Security

To counter a rising China, the U.S. should revise its definition of the Indian Ocean area of responsibility, and formulate a plan dedicated specifically to the Bay of Bengal and Myanmar.

President of India Ram Nath Kovind
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India’s cultural diplomacy in Turkmenistan in the framework of Central Asian geopolitics

Geopolitical Report ISSN 2785-2598 Volume 29 Issue 8 Author: Guido Keller India and Turkmenistan discussed expanding cultural…

Eastern Economic Forum
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Eastern Economic Forum 2022 as a new stage in relations between Russia and India

In the framework of the Eastern Economic Forum 2022, we met Dr Shoaib Khan to analyse the current state of relations between Russia and India, key areas of cooperation and expectations from the Forum.

Voice of Hind
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The evolution of the Islamic State propaganda in India. An Analysis of Voice of Hind

The Islamic State started its jihadist propaganda in India in 2020 during the pandemic crisis publishing its magazine Voice of Hind or Sawt al-Hind to exhort Indian Muslims to wage jihad and carry out attacks in the country.

TAPI pipeline
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India and Turkmenistan discussed the Afghanistan situation and the TAPI natural gas pipeline project

The Turkmenistan-India meeting highlighted the role that Afghanistan plays in Ashgabat and New Delhi’s foreign policy and regional strategy and the importance that the TAPI project play for Turkmen and Indian economies. 

Afghanistan and Central Asia geopolitics e1643623828303
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Afghanistan’s role in China-India competition in Central Asia

Recent separate summits between China, India and Central Asian republics stressed New Delhi – Beijing’s competition in the region and their attempt to influence local dynamics exploiting the current situation in Afghanistan, economic cooperation, investments in infrastructural projects, and security cooperation against terrorism.

Tajik and Indian presidents
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Indian interests in Tajikistan in the emerging regional dynamics

Since India seeks to strengthen its position and influence in Central Asia to counter China and Pakistan and Tajikistan needs to diversify its international partners, New Delhi – Dushanbe economic and diplomatic partnership might have a geopolitical effect on regional dynamics.

Embassy of Russia in Kabul e1632655663590
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Russia discussed with India security cooperation in Afghanistan

The recent visit of Nikolai Patrushev to India underlines prospects of cooperation between Moscow and New Delhi…

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Geopolitica del porto iraniano di Chabahar (Parte 2)

Questo report si propone di analizzare l’importanza e il ruolo del porto di Chabahar per India, Afghanistan e Pakistan, attori direttamente coinvolti da questa infrastruttura insieme alla Repubblica Islamica dell’Iran (Parte 2)

Russia and India e1632659024857
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Russia and India partnership on Afghanistan and Indo-Pacific

The Indian Foreign Affairs Minister’s recent visit to Moscow highlights that Russia-India relations intensify because New Delhi has become one of the Kremlin’s essential trading partners and a valuable ally in Afghanistan and the Indo-Pacific.