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Jihadist threat in Germany
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Jihadist Propaganda and Rising Threats in Germany: A Risk Assessment

A recent operation by German federal prosecutors has uncovered a suspected jihadist cell composed of seven individuals from Central Asia. This development highlights the severity of the terrorist threat faced by Europe from external sources.

Reichstagsgebaude von Westen
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Germany’s new policy in the European context

Due to the Ukraine conflict and the European Union confrontation with Russia, Germany decided to increase its military expenditure proving Berlin’s new strategic approach to the European geopolitics.

Embassy of Germany in Iraq Baghdad
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Germany confirms its military presence in Iraq

On Wednesday, January 12th, 2022, the new German Government decided to extend by nine months the foreign mission in Iraq of the Bundeswehr until the end of October 2022. At the same time, the German Government discussed some adjustments regarding foreign missions to exclude the possibility of using the Bundeswehr in Syria.

Uzbekneftegaz Tashkent
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German investments in Uzbek energy sector

Since the Republic of Uzbekistan aims at becoming the energy epicentre of Central Asia by establishing a series of energy production infrastructure and, consequently, attracting foreign direct investments (FDIs) in the country, Germany has shown its interests as confirmed by the recent 1,1 billion euro agreement between German banks and Uzbekneftegaz to expand the capacity of the Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex.

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Laschet alla CDU: la Germania post-Merkel potrebbe guardare alla continuità e a una intesa franco-tedesca

In questi giorni in tutta l’Europa è accresciuto l’interesse per la politica interna tedesca, perché si sono svolte le elezioni per decretare il successore di Angela Merkel alla guida della CDU, evento fondamentale visto che la Germania ricopre un ruolo primario nell’Unione Europea ed è considerata spesso come il motore economico del continente.

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Far-right terrorism and Islamophobia in Germany

The German Minister of Internal Affairs called the event that occurred in Hanau an act of terrorism perpetrated by a man related to the far-right movements.  Recent events have underlined the rise of Islamophobia and xenophobia in Germany, especially against Turks, Kurds and Arab migrants.