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Kazakhstan and the United States discussed cooperation in the field of energy security

Geopolitical Report ISSN 2785-2598 Volume 27 Issue 4 – The recent meeting between Kazakh and U.S. representatives in Washington stressed Astana’s desire to balance its foreign policy between the West, Russia, and China, and the White House strategy to increase its presence in the Central Asian republic.

Caspian Sea drilling
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Caspian Sea Summit geopolitical background

In October 2022, representatives of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, and Russia will attend the second Caspian Economic Forum hosted in Moscow to discuss future energy cooperation and projects.

Kassym Jomart Tokayev and Vladimir Putin
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The Kazakhstan energy politics: is oil diversification a geopolitical conundrum?

In a world of growing polarity, Kazakhstan has been attempting to portray itself as a bridge connecting the East and the West. However, the so-called Russian “special operation” in Ukraine has forced the Central Asian nation to distance itself gradually from Moscow.

Bahrain bay
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Bahrain, energy market and media: a meeting with Rashid Al-Hamer and Sara Najeeb

SpecialEurasia investigated contemporary Bahrein, its energy market and media situation with Rashid Al-Hamer, the Secretary-General of the Bahrain Journalists Association, and Sara Najeeb, board member and Head of the Media Committee of the Bahrain Journalists Association.

Iran energy market and opportunities
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The Ukraine conflict can boost Iranian energy exports

The Ukraine conflict and Western sanctions against Russia might highlight the Iranian role in the oil sector in the Eurasian chessboard, especially for the European Union interested in diversifying its energy import and decreasing the Russian grip.

Headquarter of MangystauMunayGaz Aktau
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Protests and state of emergency in Kazakhstan

In the Central Asian republic of Kazakhstan, the protests due to the price rise of the liquid natural gas caused the Government to resign and pushed Kazakh President Tokayev to declare a two-week state of emergency.

Uzbekneftegaz Tashkent
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German investments in Uzbek energy sector

Since the Republic of Uzbekistan aims at becoming the energy epicentre of Central Asia by establishing a series of energy production infrastructure and, consequently, attracting foreign direct investments (FDIs) in the country, Germany has shown its interests as confirmed by the recent 1,1 billion euro agreement between German banks and Uzbekneftegaz to expand the capacity of the Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex.

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Turkmenistan And Uzbekistan Strenghtened Their Cooperation

Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan are strengthening their cooperation and partnership in different fields, confirming Tashkent’s desire to exploit…

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Bielorussia: la diversificazione energetica passa attraverso il nucleare. Intervista a Minenergo

Nel novembre 2020 la Bielorussia inaugurò la nuova centrale nucleare di Astravyets, costruita in collaborazione con la…