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Quella ‘casualità’ chiamata Coronavirus per la politica interna ed estera della Cina

Dopo i primi mesi di difficoltà nell’affrontare l’emergenza del Covid-19 la Cina sembra essere tornata alla ribalta internazionale riuscendo sia a gestire o placare i problemi di natura interna e sia a estendere il proprio raggio d’azione e di influenza in Europa, nello specifico in Italia.

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How the EU is pushing Italy into Chinese arms

The European Union has shown its inability to face the emergency of Covid-19 and supporting Italy. Due to the lack of EU support Italy is strengthening its relations and cooperation with China considering that Beijing is interested in enhancing the Memorandum of Understanding toward the Belt and Road Initiative signed last year with the previous Italian government.

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Covid-2019 and Saudi Arabia – Russia disagreement on oil production

Saudi Arabia may refuse to cooperate with the Russian Federation in terms of coordinating oil production volumes due to Covid-2019 which is demonstrating how a virus might impact not only the national security but also the economy and the international trade market with serious repercussion in the case of Russia because the country strongly depends on energy export.