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Mongolia pasture
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Modern Mongolia and the Economics of Herding

This analysis investigates the economic hardships experienced by Mongolian herders and explores the profound influence of global forces on their traditional way of life, shedding light on the intricacies of their livelihoods amidst an ever-changing landscape.

Myanmar Parliament
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Myanmar Conflict Implications for U.S. National Security

To counter a rising China, the U.S. should revise its definition of the Indian Ocean area of responsibility, and formulate a plan dedicated specifically to the Bay of Bengal and Myanmar.

NATO meeting
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NATO Needs a Bank to Increase its Effectiveness

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) suffers from disproportionate financial burden-sharing., exacerbated by the fact the NATO has expanded its area of operations beyond the borders of NATO countries. A dedicated NATO bank could be the solution.

Ukraine War
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Third Actors and Implications for International Order in the Ukraine War

On the surface, the Ukraine war appears to be a conflict between two primary actors, namely, the Russian Federation and the sovereign nation of Ukraine. On deeper analysis, however, it can be said that the Ukraine war is an example of great power competition.

Russia economy and sanctions
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Russia’s economy since the beginning of the Ukraine conflict: sanctions are taking their toll

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has sparked economic sanctions, which are meant to cripple the economy while detracting from Russia’s ability to wage war. This paper will analyse the sanctions’ impact, the war on the Russian economy and possible future implications.