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Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 stands as our distinguished publication, dedicated to unravelling the intricate layers of the Caucasus region’s geopolitical landscape, internal dynamics, sociocultural intricacies, and economic features. There is an imperative to investigate this strategic crossroads because of the historically pivotal role played by the Caucasus. Researching the uncharted Russian North Caucasus Federal District and local ‘frozen conflict’ is generating a considerable level of interest. Our efforts are bolstered by the use of primary sources, academic literature in local languages, and conducting interviews. In recognition of this necessity, Kavkaz Files has committed itself to the task of delivering in-depth and customised analyses, meticulously crafted research papers, and risk assessments pertaining to this captivating and consequential domain. Through our dedicated efforts, we aspire to illuminate the shadows and offer a profound understanding of the Caucasus, fostering a more informed discourse on its present and future trajectories.
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Nagorno Karabakh conflict
Posted in Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Monitoring & Analysis Russia

Nagorno-Karabakh conflict might influence Moscow-Baku relations

The recent military escalation at the Nagorno-Karabakh/Azerbaijan border, which caused victims from both sides, could negatively affect relations between Moscow and Baku and plunge the region into a new geopolitical, security, and socio-political crisis.

Vladimir Putin and Ilham Aliyev e1647942369691
Posted in Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Monitoring & Analysis Russia

Russia and Azerbaijan discussed the “Green Corridor”

Russia and Azerbaijan discussed the “Green Corridor” project, which might become an alternative trade route to counter Western sanctions and strengthen Moscow-Baku relations in the Caucasus and the Caspian Sea region.

Russian Muslim organisations meeting
Posted in Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Monitoring & Analysis Russia Ukraine

Ukraine conflict, the North Caucasus, and Russian Muslim leaders’ support to the Kremlin

Since the Ukraine conflict has attracted foreign fighters and the Russian Armed Forces have among their soldiers Muslim believers, the leaders of the Russian Muslim organisations released a statement supporting the Kremlin.

Ramzan Kadyrov and Vladimir Putin
Posted in Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Middle East Monitoring & Analysis Russia Ukraine

Ukraine conflict, Chechnya and the Gulf Arab countries

While the Russian military forces are approaching Kyiv, Chechnya is trying to play its diplomatic role in the Gulf Arab countries to support the Russian Federation in the international arena.

Chechen volounters
Posted in Monitoring & Analysis Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Russia Ukraine

Ukraine conflict, kadyrovtsy and Chechnya

The Chechen kadyrovtsy might have been deployed in Ukraine to support the Russian troops. This news caused the reaction of the Caucasus Emirate and underlined the important role that Chechnya plays in the Kremlin’s foreign policy and military strategy.

Abkhazian flags in Sukhum scaled
Posted in Monitoring & Analysis Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Russia

Geopolitics of parliamentary elections in Abkhazia

The upcoming parliamentary elections in the Republic of Abkhazia are crucial for the Abkhaz political life, and regional geopolitics since the country plays a strategic role in the Caucasus and the Black Sea region.

Armenian president Armen Sarkissian
Posted in Monitoring & Analysis Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474

Geopolitics of the Armenian President’s resignation

The Armenian President’s resignation created another political crisis in the Caucasian republic, which, since the Velvet Revolution in 2018, has experienced domestic political instability, the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict and its consequent defeat, the parliamentary elections and a new foreign policy marked by a broader approach towards Turkey and Azerbaijan.

2020 Nagorno Karabakh Conflict Monitoring ASRIE Analytica e1627217596253
Posted in Monitoring & Analysis Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474

Armenian parliamentary election: why matters?

Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Volume 5 Issue 2 Author: Giuliano Bifolchi After the 2018 Velvet Revolution and…

Metsamor NPP aerial view 1 e1632657020107
Posted in Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Monitoring & Analysis

Il mercato energetico in Armenia tra ristrutturazioni e interessi esteri. Intervista con Hakob Varanyan

L’Armenia si appresta a organizzare le nuove elezioni volute a seguito del conflitto del Nagorno-Karabakh del 2020 in un periodo storico per il paese caucasico caratterizzato da una lenta ripresa economica e una crisi politica interna che fanno da contraltare ai progetti governativi nazionali che mirano a realizzare infrastrutture nel settore energetico per coprire la domanda interna e diversificare le importazioni di energia dai Paesi alleati.

Nagorno Karabakh war
Posted in Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Monitoring & Analysis Russia

Nagorno-Karabakh: and the winner is… Russia

After a long meeting, the leaders of Azerbaijan and Armenia, supervised by Russia, agreed on the ceasefire, which should precede the peace negotiation between Baku and Yerevan on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Although Azerbaijan is claiming its victory in the conflict, the Russian Federation is the real winner in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Caucasus Emirate map
Posted in Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Monitoring & Analysis Russia Terrorism

Terrorist attack in France and the Chechen diaspora in Europe

The recent terrorist attack in France highlights the security problem and the impact of jihadist propaganda in the Russian language inside the European Union. In fact, Islamic State ideologies and the presence of the North Caucasian diaspora in Europe might threaten EU security.

Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
Posted in Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Monitoring & Analysis

The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict might destabilise the entire Eurasian region

The Caucasus might become the theatre of a new conflict whose consequences will impact the entire Eurasian region if the international community does not stop the military escalation at the borders of the de-facto Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh and Azerbaijan. 

Makhachkala Dagestan
Posted in Caucasus Kavkaz Files ISSN 2975-0474 Monitoring & Analysis Russia

Russia wants to upgrade the port of Makhachkala

Russia plans to develop the infrastructure of the port of Makhachkala to transform the Dagestani capital into a logistic hub in the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus region and boost socio-economic development.  Moscow’s desire to upgrade Makhachkala’s seaport and airport challenges the city of Baku, and the Azerbaijani aim to become the Caspian interconnection.