SpecialEurasia Started Its Official Visit to Morocco

SIMUN 2024 Morocco
The venue of the Sahara International Model United Nations 2024 in Agadir, Morocco (Credits: SpecialEurasia)

SpecialEurasia’s official visit to Morocco started on April 29th, 2024, in the city of Agadir. The purpose of this visit is to attend SIMUN 2024 and explore the country’s political, economic, and social landscape, as well as Rabat’s strategy towards Western Sahara.

Among the different activities in Morocco, it is worth to mention SpecialEurasia’s Managing Director, Silvia Boltuc’s participation at the Sahara International Model United Nations (SIMUN) 2024.

Sahara International Model United Nations 2024

SIMUN recognises the pivotal role that youths and young diplomats play in shaping the future of nations. With their towering ambitions and potential, these individuals represent a valuable resource that must be harnessed for the betterment of society.

By providing a platform for these future leaders to express themselves on the international stage, SIMUN aims to empower them to contribute meaningfully to global affairs. Through simulated diplomatic discussions and negotiations, delegates at SIMUN engage with pressing global issues, transcending geographical barriers to foster understanding and cooperation among nations.

The conference’s distinguished guests, including VIPs from various sectors, underscore the importance of the event in promoting dialogue and collaboration at the highest levels of leadership. As delegates assume the roles of international diplomats, they not only gain valuable experience in diplomacy but also contribute to the development of solutions to real-world challenges, thus advancing the cause of global citizenship and cooperation.

At SIMUN, delegates immerse themselves in the intricacies of international relations, adopting the perspectives of different countries to address a wide range of issues. By adhering to the principles and procedures of the UN, delegates learn the importance of diplomacy, compromise, and consensus-building in addressing complex global problems.

As a guest of honour at SIMUN 2024, Silvia Boltuc delivered a compelling speech advocating for young people to pursue careers in international relations. She highlighted the multidimensional nature of the field, emphasising its role in fostering critical thinking, global awareness, and cross-cultural collaboration.

Boltuc’s engagement at SIMUN 2024 demonstrates SpecialEurasia’s dedication to nurturing the next generation of diplomats and leaders in international affairs.

Morocco, SIMUN 2024, Silvia Boltuc
SpecialEurasia Managing Director, Silvia Boltuc, at the opening ceremony of the SIMUN 2024 in Agadir, Morocco (Credits: SpecialEurasia)

Why Does Morocco Matter?

Positioned on the northwestern edge of Africa, Morocco is known for its stable constitutional monarchy, where the king holds considerable political influence. Despite ongoing pressures from Islamist and pro-democracy movements, the regime’s promotion of moderate Islam fosters internal stability.

However, unresolved tensions over the Western Sahara dispute periodically spark clashes with neighbouring Algeria. Despite the government’s efforts to attract foreign investment, corruption remains a pervasive problem, exacerbating the challenges of high unemployment, poverty, and low education rates.

While the country maintains a relatively low terrorist threat, petty crime can still be a concern, especially in tourist areas. Road safety concerns persist, exacerbated by inadequate infrastructure in rural regions and seasonal weather hazards.

While major cities boast adequate infrastructure and medical services, safety concerns loom in remote locales, compounded by the nation’s susceptibility to earthquakes.

What are SpecialEurasia’s Main Goals for this Visit?

SpecialEurasia’s visit to Morocco encompasses various objectives, including:

  1. Understanding the Situation in Western Sahara: Apart from participating in SIMUN 2024, the visit includes exploring the situation in the South of Morocco, particularly concerning the Western Sahara. This reflects SpecialEurasia’s commitment to acquiring insights into regional dynamics and contributing to conflict resolution efforts.
  2. Promoting Youth Engagement: Through Boltuc’s participation at SIMUN 2024, SpecialEurasia aims to inspire young people to actively engage in global issues and consider careers in diplomacy and international relations. By highlighting the importance of youth involvement, the organization seeks to cultivate a new generation of global leaders.
  3. Strengthening Bilateral Relations: The visit serves as an opportunity to strengthen ties between SpecialEurasia and Morocco. By engaging in dialogue and collaboration with Moroccan officials, the organisation aims to foster mutual understanding and cooperation on shared challenges and opportunities.
  4. Advancing Conflict Resolution Efforts: SpecialEurasia’s interest in understanding the situation in the Western Sahara reflects its commitment to advancing conflict resolution and peacebuilding initiatives. By gaining firsthand knowledge of the region’s complexities, the organization can contribute to constructive dialogue and sustainable solutions.

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For further information about SpecialEurasia’s official visit abroad and projects in Africa, contact us at info@specialeurasia.com.

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