SpecialEurasia launched a new joint project called “Opinione Araba – الرأي العربي”

Opinione Araba 1
The banner of the project “Opinione Araba – الرأي العربي”

SpecialEurasia launched a new joint project called “Opinione Araba – الرأي العربي” in partnership with the Italian media agency Notizie Geopolitiche. The project aims to promote geopolitics, international relations, investment opportunities, and local dynamics related to the Arab world among the Italian audience.

SpecialEurasia will support Notizie Geopolitiche in monitoring and analysing the Arab world and informing the Italian and international audience by writing articles, interviews, reports, and analyses which will be published in the section “Opinione Araba – الرأي العربي” on Notizie Geopolitiche webpage. In addition, our team will produce new issues of Geopolitical Report in English, investigating the information and data shared with our partner Notizie Geopolitche through “Opinione Araba – الرأي العربي”.

We decided to use in the project’s banner the famous verses written by the Palestinian author Mahmoud Darwish “..I am from there. I am from here. I am not there, and I am not here. I have two names, which meet and part, and I have two languages. I forget which of them I dream in..” as a reminder of the situation that several Arab people are living in the contemporary era and with the hope to create a bridge between the Arab world, Italy and the international audience.

This new activity is part of SpecialEurasia’s broader project called “Middle East Monitoring“, whose purpose is to monitor Middle Eastern geopolitics and security, assess geopolitical risk in the Middle East, understand local and international actors’ strategies and potential influence on regional dynamics, and discover and promote investment opportunities.

For further information about this project do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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