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Giuliano Bifolchi's Interview with Arda Dgebiya
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Interview: SpecialEurasia Research Manager, Giuliano Bifolchi, Analysed Geopolitics and Contemporary Abkhazia with Arda Dgebiya

On August 1st, 2023, during SpecialEurasia’s official mission to Abkhazia, our Research Manager Giuliano Bifolchi engaged in an interview in the Russian language with Arda Dgebiya  to explain the organisation’s commitment, investigate the importance of geopolitics in contemporary world, and share his analysis of the current situation in the Abkhaz territory.

Irakli Tuzhba, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia
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Abkhazia: Between Regional Geopolitical Dynamics and Domestic Politics. An Interview with Irakli Tuzhba

SpecialEurasia met in Sukhum Irakli Tuzhba, Deputy Minister of the Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia, to delve into Abkhaz domestic and foreign politics and investigate future developments of the country.