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Sudan army during the military coup in 2019
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Crisis in Sudan: SpecialEurasia met with the Ambassador of Sudan to Italy, H.E. Sayed Altayeb Ahmed

SpecialEurasia met with the Ambassador of Sudan to Italy, H.E. Sayed Altayeb Ahmed, to discuss further the recent events that have shaped the Sudanese domestic politics and stability and try to assess future consequences and developments.

European Parliament in Brussels
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P2 2P: from politicisation to polarisation. How populists blame the European Union in the polycrisis

Today’s European Union is characterised by many crises entwining one another, resulting in politicisation and polarisation around issues and challenges of the EU itself. At the same time, the concept of the EU has progressively become an object of politicisation and polarisation.

2022 Kazakhstan protests — Aqtobe January 4 01
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Geopolitical consequences of the political crisis in Kazakhstan

The recent Kazakh political crisis and the CSTO military intervention in the country marked a new phase in the geopolitics of Central Asia since the Kremlin re-established its grip on the Republic of Kazakhstan after having military and politically supported President Toqayev.

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Political crisis in Kyrgyzstan

The Central Asian republic of Kyrgyzstan is experiencing a deep political crisis after the recent parliamentary elections. The country lacks clear leadership,  the government forbade several people to leave the country, and the Kremlin had described the situation of the former Soviet republic as ‘messy and chaotic’.