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Locandina Corso Aspiranti Investigatori
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Corso Base per Aspiranti Investigatori in Programma il 16 Settembre 2023

Il giorno 16 settembre 2023 SpecialEurasia in collaborazione con Confidential Agency e l’Accademia Kronos Ecozoophila organizzeranno il Corso Base per Futuri Investigatori, un’opportunità per coloro che intendono entrare in un mercato sempre in maggiore crescita.

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Cracking the Code on Cybersecurity: OSINT Techniques

The ubiquitous presence of technology characterises the current digital age, making it imperative to recognise the crucial role cybersecurity plays. One potent tool in the cybersecurity arsenal is OSINT, a collection of techniques that involve researching from publicly available sources.

CSI Linux
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CSI Linux: Streamlining OSINT Activities with a Focused Linux Distribution

Within the expansive domain of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), CSI Linux results as a purpose-driven operating system crafted to cater to the distinct needs of digital forensics and Intelligence analysis.

Geopolitical Risk map
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Geopolitical Risk: SpecialEurasia’s Systematic Approach to Understanding and Mitigating Future Challenges

In today’s interconnected world, where nations are increasingly intertwined through political, economic, and social ties, it becomes crucial to comprehend and assess the concept of geopolitical risk.

Critical Thinking and geopolitics
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Improve your geopolitical analysis thanks to critical thinking

Critical thinking might support geopolitics by providing a framework for analysing and evaluating arguments about power and place. By utilising frameworks for critical examination, analyst can investigate geopolitics and uncover the concealed political powers of geopolitical comprehension.

Competitive Intelligence
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Open Source Intelligence: A Valuable Tool for Competitive Intelligence

To acquire a competitive edge, entrepreneurs must have access to timely and relevant information about their rivals, industry trends, and market dynamics. In this context, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) emerges as a valuable tool for competitive intelligence.

CIA headquarter
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CIA recruiting video for dissatisfied Russians: Intelligence and strategic communications during the Ukraine conflict

The CIA video in the Russian language published on YouTube, which invites dissatisfied Russians to provide information to the U.S. Intelligence agency, confirms Washington’s strategy to create a network of assets inside the Russian Federation and put pressure on the Kremlin.

640px Secret Service Financial Crimes Task Force FCTF
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Writing a report: the BLUF framework in Intelligence Analysis

Writing an Intelligence Analysis report might be a hard task. Using the BLUF framework can help the analyst in its duty to produce solid intelligence in daily activities.

Central Asia SpecialEurasia
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Central Asia Weekly Intelligence Brief February 27th, 2023 – March 2nd, 2023

SpecialEurasia published the document “Central Asia Weekly Intelligence Brief February 27th– March 2nd, 2023”, whose purpose is to highlight key geopolitical topics related to Central Asia affecting the international arena and organisations around the globe.

SpecialEurasia 2022 in review
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SpecialEurasia: our 2022 in review

SpecialEurasia wants to celebrate the last year of activities with our friends, partners, sponsors, and followers, hoping to begin the following year with the same commitment. In 2022, we have improved our activities and projects and affirmed our presence in Italy and abroad thanks to webinars, official visits, meetings, and training courses.

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Ukraine conflict’s impact on cyber landscape and potential threats

Recent cyber attacks against Italian government websites highlighted the Ukraine conflict’s impact on the cyber landscape and possible future threats to Europe and Russia’s public institutions and private businesses.

Corso OSINT Geopolitica SpecialEurasia
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Corso online in Open Source Intelligence e Geopolitica

SpecialEurasia in collaborazione con il Centro Studi Roma 3000 organizzerà il Corso di formazione online in Open…

How they rule the world Pedro Banos
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“How They Rule the World: The 22 Secret Strategies of Global Power” by Pedro Baños

The book “How They Rule the World: The 22 Secret Strategies of Global Power” written by Pedro…

Laplaces Demon
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Laplace’s Demon: the Russian solution for Open Source Intelligence

Laplace’s Demon is the Russian solution in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) adopted to contrast phenomena such as…

Gathering information Human Intelligence
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HUMINT: introduzione e definizioni

La Human Intelligence (HUMINT) è una disciplina afferente al mondo dell’Intelligence che indica ogni tipo di informazione che…

Information Analysis2 e1634243452233
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OSINT: quantità, qualità delle informazioni e strumenti utili

In un mondo ricco di informazioni e di fake news l’analista di Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) deve affrontare…

OSINT Open Source Intelligence ASRIE Analytica e1631026480182
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Il Text Mining e la sua importanza nell’OSINT

Il mondo del World Wide Web è in continua espansione ed i dati raccolti al suo interno…

OSINT Analyst
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Introduzione all’OSINT e al lavoro dell’analista delle fonti aperte

L’Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) negli ultimi anni ha acquisito una valenza ed importanza esponenziale sia nel campo…

Defense Intelligence Agency
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Introduzione all’Intelligence

I recenti eventi caratterizzati da continui conflitti e tensioni a livello internazionale così come dalla continua attività…

Chinese Consulate Houston
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The escalation between Washington and Beijing after the China consulate’s closure in Houston

The U.S. order to close the Chinese consulate in Houston accused of conducting spying activities to steal secret information on new technologies marks a new escalation between Washington and Beijing whose consequences on the international arena might be dangerous and create a fracture during the COVID-19 crisis between those countries allied with the United States and those with China.