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MFA of Armenia
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Armenia’s foreign policy: an interview with Paruyir Hovhannisyan

SpecialEurasia met with Paruyr Hovhannisyan, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia, with whom we discussed Yerevan’s regional and foreign policy and Armenia’s strategy to protect its sovereignty and citizens.

Vladimir Norov
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The SCO in the system of new Uzbekistan’s foreign policy. An interview with Vladimir Norov

SpecialEurasia published in media partnership with Dunyo Information Agency the interview of the acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan, Vladimir Norov, about the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and the Uzbek new foreign policy.

Declaration of the State of Israel
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An intermestic approach: Israel’s foreign policy strategy vis-à-vis the Ukraine conflict

Due to the regional dynamics and considering its security, Israel has always adopted a domestic policy as a function of its foreign policy and vice versa. Although the external threats have changed during the decades, now and in the future, Tel Aviv will continue to adopt interlinked domestic and foreign strategies.

A Russian helicopter
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Ukraine conflict and the Russian influence areas

Until now, the Ukrainian conflict has not changed the situation in the Russian influence areas where regional players mainly preferred to maintain neutrality and avoid any confrontation with Moscow.