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CSTO soldier Belarus
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CSTO Exercises in Belarus Highlight Moscow’s Concerns Over Europe and the Organisation’s New Military Strategy

The forthcoming CSTO exercises in Belarus serve as a clear demonstration of the organisation’s strategic commitment to safeguarding its member states, focusing particularly on protecting Moscow and Minsk from potential external threats originating from Europe.

China Defence Minister
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China’s defence cooperation with Russia and Belarus and the 11th Moscow Conference on International Security

Chinese Minister of Defence’s visit to Russia and Belarus reflects the cooperation between these countries in the realm of defence and highlights the significance of multilateral discussions in ensuring global stability and security.

Putin Russia and Lukashenko Belarus
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Russia and Belarus increased joint projects and economic cooperation

Due to the Ukraine conflict and the following Western sanctions, Russia and Belarus have increased their economic and trade cooperation by increasing joint projects in different fields.

Minenergo Bielorussia e1632656612951
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Bielorussia: la diversificazione energetica passa attraverso il nucleare. Intervista a Minenergo

Nel novembre 2020 la Bielorussia inaugurò la nuova centrale nucleare di Astravyets, costruita in collaborazione con la…

Russia embassy in Minsk Belarus
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Raffreddamento dei rapporti Mosca-Minsk: arrestati 33 contractors russi in Bielorussia

I servizi di sicurezza bielorussi ed i media locali hanno riportato la notizia dell’arresto di 33 contractors russi della compania Wagner accusati di pianificare azioni di destabilizzazione del paese in vista delle elezioni presidenziali previste per il 9 agosto 2020. Tale evento sottolinea ancora una volta come i rapporti Mosca – Minsk si siano raffreddati con la Bielorussia pronta a guardare verso l’Occidente e la Cina.

Major oil and gas pipelines in Belarus e1662901782713
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Why Belarus matters now? Minsk-Moscow crisis and the opportunities for EU and China

The recent crisis between Russia and Belarus due to the oil supply has shocked the geopolitical dynamics of the Eurasian chessboard and opened new opportunities for the European Union and China in case Moscow and Minsk will not find an agreement in a short time.