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Heritage and Culture of the Jews of the North and East Caucasus
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Jewish Heritage Preservation in the Caucasus: Azerbaijan’s Cultural Diplomacy to Strengthen Relations with Israel

The conference held in Baku on the Jewish community of the Caucasus underscored the positive state of relations between Azerbaijan and Israel. Notably, it shed light on Baku’s strategic use of cultural diplomacy to foster stronger ties with Tel Aviv and garner support from the global Jewish community.

Iran a geopolitical scenario of the new escalation with Israel and Azerbaijan SpecialEurasia e1680615964621
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Iran: a geopolitical scenario of the new escalation with Israel and Azerbaijan

The South Caucasus and the Middle East have long been at the epicentre of geopolitical, ideological and ethnic tensions. While the Israel-Iran hybrid war is experiencing a new momentum, ongoing tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan might open a second front in which both Tel Aviv and Tehran might be involved.

Declaration of the State of Israel
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An intermestic approach: Israel’s foreign policy strategy vis-à-vis the Ukraine conflict

Due to the regional dynamics and considering its security, Israel has always adopted a domestic policy as a function of its foreign policy and vice versa. Although the external threats have changed during the decades, now and in the future, Tel Aviv will continue to adopt interlinked domestic and foreign strategies.

People of Qom
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Iranian public opinion on Israel and possible future Tehran-Tel Aviv military confrontation

According to a domestic survey, most Iranians consider the Israeli regime to be a threat whose possible adventurism must be seriously dealt with in case of Israel-Iran military confrontation.