Terrorism Analyst Course

The course aims at providing the fundamental tools for understanding the phenomenon of terrorism, its spread at the regional and international level, and developing methodologies to analyse and monitor different terrorist groups and the security situation in target areas.

Since 9/11, the world has become more and more familiar with terrorism and violent attacks. Media, academic scholars and politicians, have written tons of documents on terrorism and terrorist organisations. In contrast, Intelligence agencies and governments have tried to establish best practices and strategies to counter terrorism and avoid any threat to civilian, military personnel and strategic infrastructures.

At the beginning of the 21st century, the main threat to the world was the terrorist organisation al-Qaeda. In 2014 the international arena witnessed the rise of the Islamic State, a terrorist organisation capable of establishing a caliphate in Iraq and Syria and recruiting thousands of foreign fighters thanks to its jihadist propaganda spread among social media, web portals, magazines, videos and songs.

The world requires specialists capable of understanding terrorism as a phenomenon, its peculiarities and implications in a specific region and possible connections with the international terrorist network.  Terrorism analysts are essential to counter the creation or affirmation of terrorist organisations and the spread of jihadist propaganda in different languages.

We organise courses whose purpose is to provide transversal and multidisciplinary training to participants giving them theoretical information about terrorism, religious radicalisation, jihadist propaganda and analysing case scenarios related to target terrorist organisations and their operations.


  • Fundamentals of terrorism: theory, history, current problems
  • Contemporary terrorism: from al-Qaeda to the Islamic State
  • The impact of jihadist propaganda: strategic communications, diffusions, messages
  • Terrorist organisations in the world: analysis and monitoring
  • Open Source Intelligence and terrorism
  • Terrorism and geopolitics
  • Writing reports

Teaching materials: The instructors will provide Powerpoint presentations, software, documents, academic and specialistic literature during the course.

Target Audience: students, researchers, law enforcement officers, political analysts, journalists.

Type: Online courses. We can offer group courses in Geopolitical Analysis, but we can also provide target private courses on specific scenarios.

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