Open Source Intelligence Course

The course aims to teach theoretical and practical aspects of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) in defence, geopolitics, private investigations, academic research, and investigative journalism. At the end of the course, the participant will be able to research, evaluate, and exploit open sources and produce valuable Intelligence for the decision-making process. 

The advent of the Internet age, the renewed interest in geopolitics, and the affirmation of the phenomenon of international terrorism with the consequent proliferation of numerous Internet portals and jihadist forums designed to recruit fighters all over the world have given a strong impetus to the diffusion of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). In recent years, this discipline has acquired more importance in security, academia, financial research, private investigations, and journalism.

What does the definition ‘open source’ mean? Who is an OSINT analyst? What are the tools and activities which an OSINT analyst might perform during his/her daily routine? Our Online Course in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) aims at providing participants with the fundamentals to start operating as an OSINT analyst whose purpose is to produce a report useful for the decision-making process.


  • Introduction to the world of Intelligence
  • Definition of Open Source Intelligence
  • OSINT Cycle
  • Classification and evaluation of sources and reliability of the information
  • Who is the OSINT analyst?
  • How to organise the work platform
  • Useful tools to perform anonymous search and protect your privacy
  • Virtual machine and operating systems for OSINT activities
  • How to create fake profiles, sock puppets, and fake email
  • How to select the right browser for OSINT activities
  • Directories, search engines, metasearch engines
  • Boolean operators and their application for different search engine
  • Website analysis and data collection
  • Search information about people, companies, organizations
  • Geolocation and maps
  • Data collection from grey literature
  • Fundamentals of Social Media Intelligence
  • Useful addons for the OSINT activity
  • Free software for OSINT: data collection and writing reports
  • OSINT for the Dark Web

Teaching materials: The instructor will provide Powerpoint presentations, software, documents, academic and specialistic literature during the course.

Target Audience: students, researchers, law enforcement officers, political analysts, and people who want to acquire knowledge in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Type: Online courses. We can offer a group course in Open Source Intelligence (no more than ten participants). Still, we can also provide target private OSINT courses for specific requirements of public and private institutions or civilian and military personnel.

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