Geopolitical Analyst Course

The course wants to introduce the main components of the geopolitical analysis method through an interdisciplinary approach to understand the complexity of contemporary international relations and forecast future trends. 

The world is becoming more and more complex and hard to decipher. Everyday media channels and TV programmes report events, and we are inundated by a huge amount of news and data. Understanding the world and forecasting future trends is necessary. The geopolitical analyst is becoming a necessary figure in the contemporary era because he/she can interpret what is happening and transform it into assessment and analysis useful for the decision-making process, the elaboration of domestic and foreign policy, the establishment of the national security strategy and the support of the economy.

We offer an Online Course in Geopolitical Analysis to provide the concepts and methods of geopolitical analysis and the application of strategic analysis and geopolitical scenario building. We also present case scenarios on various geopolitical issues and strategic regions that significantly impact the current world system.

After this course, the participants will apply the geopolitical analysis method in different case study situations and integrate geopolitical factors into decision-making processes.


  • Fundamental of geopolitics
  • Geopolitical analysis method
  • Risk assessment
  • Construct geopolitical scenarios
  • Software and tools for geopolitical analysis
  • Writing a report and disseminating it to a target audience

Teaching materials: The instructors will provide Powerpoint presentations, software, documents, academic and specialistic literature during the course.

Target Audience: students, researchers, law enforcement officers, political analysts, journalists

Type: Online courses. We can offer group courses in Geopolitical Analysis, but we can also provide target private courses on specific geopolitical scenarios.

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