Call for Papers “Kosmos – Discover Global Affairs”

Call for Papers "Kosmos - Discover Global Affairs"


SpecialEurasia joined MInter Group and Mondo Internazionale ASP to develop the editorial project Kosmos – Discover Global Affairs, a magazine whose purpose is to analyse and explain current geopolitical dynamics through local and international authors’ contributions and expertise.

MInter Group Srl is a consulting company that operates in the field of geopolitical Intelligence, security and corporate internationalisation.

Mondo Internazionale ASP is an association that operates in the field of Cultural Diplomacy in more than 20 countries worldwide, with three offices in Italy, Switzerland, and the Ivory Coast. Mondo Internationale ASP conducts different activities such as geopolitical analysis, training, journalism, public policies, and event management.

SpecialEurasia is a geopolitical and business Intelligence platform that transforms events into valuable outlooks, allowing public and private institutions, organisations, and individuals to understand the increasingly complex international environment confidently. SpecialEurasia provides solid Intelligence for the decision-making process in international relations, security, and economics, supporting public companies and institutions with written and oral reports, risk assessments, infographics, tailored interactive maps, consulting and training courses.

Call for Papers

As part of our core mission, we are working to grow to collect specialised insights on geopolitics, security, and geostrategy, responding to the emerging needs to analyse global instability factors in post-conflict areas, developing countries, and crisis areas. Our goal is to collect analyses and reports to study the cross-relations between different regions and nations to provide a scientific and analytical outcome for the decision-making process.

The Call for Papers aims to collect and publish local and international experts’ perspectives, research outcomes, and scientific studies to clarify and explain the geopolitical dynamics of the international arena and the global context. After an internal peer-review process conducted by MInter Groups Srl, Mondo Internazionale ASP, and SpecialEurasia, we aim to publish the best contributions in Kosmos – Discover Global Affairs. 

Deadline for Submission

1st Session
Abstract Submission Deadline: May 15th, 2023
Abstract Acceptance: May 20th, 2023
Paper full-text Submission Deadline: June 1st, 2023

2nd Session
Abstract Submission Deadline: July 1st, 2023
Abstract Acceptance: July 15th, 2023
Paper full-text Submission Deadline: July 30th, 2023

3rd Session
Abstract Submission Deadline: October 15th, 2023
Abstract Acceptance: October 30th, 2023
Paper full-text Submission Deadline: November 15th, 2023

Research topics

We invite analysts, academics of any educational and professional level (BA, MA, PhD, Post-Doc and beyond), journalists, and experts from different sectors to submit papers (in English or Italian), including but not limited to:

  • Political, economic, social and security systems
  • Diplomacy and international relations
  • International relations between states and third parties
  • International organisations’ roles and activities
  • Security and Intelligence
  • NGOs’ cooperation in reconstruction projects
  • Internally displaced people (IDPs) and transnational movement of people phenomena
  • Interreligious Dialogue in conflict resolution and Peacebuilding
  • Threats to Human Security in international scenarios
    • Civilians and most vulnerable groups’ protection in the peacebuilding process
    • Cultural heritage protection during the reconstruction process
    • Human trafficking in conflict zones
    • Sexual and gender-based violence in post-conflict societies
  • Climate change and natural resources exploitation
  • New technologies, cybersecurity and UAVs in the international arena
  • Cultural diplomacy
  • Geopolitics of Space Competition

Every contribution should analyse one or more topics mentioned before contextualising them among the following areas:

  • Africa
  • Arctic
  • North America
  • Central and South America
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Russia and the post-Soviet space

Editorial Guidelines

The authors must contact the editorial board via e-mail at and provide the Abstract in English or Italian (max 150 words) and keywords, highlighting the title of the paper and the related geographical area. Authors will be informed only if their proposal is accepted. Upon notification via e-mail, authors will be invited to submit the complete paper according to the deadline.

Please, respect the following guidelines and the format of the text reported by our organisation. These are the general guidelines for the document you should send us in Word format. Each paper should have the following format: Times New Roman 11, justify , line spacing 1.5, max six-Word pages

Bibliography: Chicago Manual Style


For any inquiries or to submit your abstract/paper, please get in touch with