SpecialEurasia Publications

SpecialEurasia promotes different editorial and research projects to spread our work and knowledge among international and local audiences. Since the beginning, we have established several projects whose final outcomes are different publications (open access or paid) useful to understand the world of geopolitics, intelligence, and international relations. 

Geopolitical Report ISSN 2532-845X

Geopolitical Report ISSN 2532-845X is SpecialEurasia online publication that aims to investigate the current geopolitical and socio-cultural events and trends shaping the world of international relations, business and security, creating a debate by allowing scholars and professional experts to share their views, perspectives, work results, reports and research findings.

Kosmos. Discover Global Affairs

SpecialEurasia became a partner of MInter Group’s editorial project Kosmos. Discover Global Affairs, that aims to publish a printed periodical magazine on international relations, geopolitics, and economy to inform the public about current global development and dynamics.

Diplomacy. Strategic Approach to Global Affairs

SpecialEurasia is a member of the editorial project titled Diplomacy. Strategic Approach to Global Affairs with MInterGroup Srl and Mondo Internationale. Diplomacy. Strategic Approach to Global Affairs is an open-access quarterly magazine published that aims to raise awareness among the Italian public on geopolitical dynamics and international relations.