Our People

SpecialEurasia has a team of analysts and consultants based in different parts of the world with different skills whose purpose is to provide risk assessment and geopolitical forecastings and consult private and public companies about Eurasia’s current challenges and future opportunities.

Discover our people

Silvia Boltuc – Founder & Managing Director. She is an International affairs specialist, business consultant and political analyst who has supported private and public institutions in decision-making by providing reports, risk assessments, and consultancy. Due to her work and reporting activities,  she has travelled in Europe, the Middle East, South-East Asia and the post-Soviet space assessing the domestic dynamic and situations and creating a network of local contacts. She is also the Director of the Energy & Engineering Department of CeSEM – Centro Studi Eurasia Mediterraneo and an editor/analyst at the Italian media agencies Notizie Geopolitiche and European Affairs Magazine. Previously, she worked as an Associate Director at ASRIE Analytica. She was the editor and co-author of the book Conflitto in Ucraina: rischio geopolitico, propaganda jihadsita e minaccia per l’Europa (2022). She speaks Italian, English, German, Russian and Arabic.
Giuliano Bifolchi – Research Manager. He has vast experience in Intelligence analysis, geopolitics, security, conflict management, and ethnic minorities. He holds a PhD in Islamic history from the University of Rome Tor Vergata and a master’s degree in Peacebuilding Management and International Relations from Pontifical University San Bonaventura. As an Intelligence analyst and political risk advisor, he has organised working visits and official missions in the Middle East, North Africa, and the post-Soviet space and has supported the decision-making process of private and public institutions by writing reports and risk assessments. Previously, he founded and directed ASRIE Analytica. He has written several academic papers on geopolitics, conflicts, and jihadist propaganda. He is the author of the books Geopolitical del Caucaso russo. Gli interessi del Cremlino e degli attori stranieri nelle dinamiche locali nordcaucasiche (2020) and Storia del Caucaso del Nord tra presenza russa, Islam e terrorismo (2022). He is also the co-author of the book Conflitto in Ucraina: rischio geopolitico, propaganda jihadists e minaccia per l’Europa (2022). He speaks Italian, English, Russian, Spanish and Arabic.
Riccardo Rossi – Project Manager “Geopolitics of Asia Pacific”. Researcher & Political Analyst, he holds a Master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Milan, a master’s degree in Geopolitics and Global Security from La Sapienza University in Rome and a Diploma in European Affairs from the Institute of International Politics in Milan. He studies geopolitics and writes geo-strategic reports on the Asia-Pacific region.

Enrico Oliari – Business partner & Consultant. He is a freelance journalist and geopolitical analyst who, in 2012, founded the Italian media agency Notizie Geopolitiche focused on international relations, geopolitics, and security. He has paid several visits to the Middle East and North Africa, writing reports and interviews from the ground to support Italian and foreign media to understand the socio-economic roots of security problems and the impact that national and foreign policies have had on regional dynamics. Among his travels, it is possible to mention the one in February 2016 in Iraqi Kurdistan where he documented the conflict between the Kurdish peshmerga forces and the Islamic State. He is the author of several books and research papers. He speaks Italian, German and English.