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Iran and Azerbaijan Presidents
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Examining The Relations Between Iran and Azerbaijan. Is There a Possibility of War Between Two Countries?

The recent Azerbaijani military offensive against Nagorno-Karabakh, culminating in the capitulation of Stepanakert, coupled with the subsequent meeting between Ilham Aliyev and Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Nakhchivan, has engendered heightened concerns within the international community, notably within Iran.

Islamic State_Shiraz Attack_Shi'a community
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The Islamic State Threatened the Shi’a Community in the Islamic Republic of Iran

The recent arrest of individuals implicated in orchestrating a series of violent assaults within the borders of the Islamic Republic of Iran underscores the profound and persistent terrorist menace facing the national Shi’a community.

Birjiand in the South Khorasan
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SEZs might booster Iranian Khorasan trade with Afghanistan

The strategic positioning of the Khorasan region is pivotal for the facilitation of trade and cultural interchange with adjacent nations. In this regard, implementing Special Economic Zones (SEZs) might strengthen the relations between Afghanistan and Iran.

Iran Special Economic Zones presented at CIFIT
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China and Iran Explore New Cooperation Opportunities in Tourism and Free Economic Zones

The collaborative efforts in the tourism sector and Chinese investments in Iranian free economic zones and infrastructure are fortifying the economic ties between Beijing and Tehran

Iran ambassador and Italian companies
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Iran Opens the Country to Italian Companies: Why Does It Matter?

The recent meeting between the Iranian ambassador in Rome and the managers of selected Italian companies underscores a significant potential for economic cooperation between the two parties. Tehran’s keen interest in attracting foreign investors and companies, particularly those from Italy, is palpable.

Iran and Saudi Arabia joint statement agreement
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From Rivalry to Cooperation: Charting the Future of Iran-Saudi Relations

Iran and Saudi Arabia have taken significant steps towards improving their diplomatic relations by appointing respective ambassadors to Tehran and Riyadh. This development marks a historic milestone in the restoration of relations between the two countries.

Heritage and Culture of the Jews of the North and East Caucasus
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Jewish Heritage Preservation in the Caucasus: Azerbaijan’s Cultural Diplomacy to Strengthen Relations with Israel

The conference held in Baku on the Jewish community of the Caucasus underscored the positive state of relations between Azerbaijan and Israel. Notably, it shed light on Baku’s strategic use of cultural diplomacy to foster stronger ties with Tel Aviv and garner support from the global Jewish community.

Kurdish nationalism
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Interplay of Security Dynamics: Iran’s Response to Kurdish Secessionism and External Alliances

The complex landscape of Iran’s struggle with Kurdish nationalism unfolds as the Iranian leadership confronts secessionist groups along its borders. Amidst international interests and internal challenges, the fight against terrorism, potential destabilisation, and regional alliances shape Tehran’s multifaceted approach to counter these issues.

Saudi Arabia and IAEA
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Charting Saudi Arabia’s Nuclear Future: 4 Goals Shaping Global Dynamics

The progression of Saudi Arabia’s nuclear energy initiative has prompted speculation within the international community. As the world’s foremost petroleum producer, the nation’s decision to engage with nuclear power facilities may seem unanticipated.

Middle East Map Flags
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Is China replacing the United States in the Middle East?

In an ever-evolving geopolitical landscape, the perception of a waning United States influence in the Middle East has gained momentum. This shift has sparked debates about the extent of the US disengagement and the emerging roles of other global players, particularly China.

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BRICS expansion and Iranian membership: what prospects for Tehran?

Iran’s membership in BRICS could shape novel prospects for Tehran’s foreign policy and economic strategy, solidifying the growing geopolitical paradigm of a multipolar world, where nations like Russia, China, Iran, and India endeavor to provide a counterbalance to Western influence.

Iran-Turkey relations: Tehran's Consulate in Istanbul
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Turkey-Iran relations: historical backgrounds and Pan-Turkism revival

Turkey-Iran relations have always been discontinuous, characterised by cooperation on the diplomatic level, alternating with opposite geopolitical needs and foreign strategies. Nowadays, especially in the Middle East and the Caucasus, Pan-Turkism and strategic needs drive Ankara-Tehran relations.

Iran and Syria
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Exploring Iran’s Role in Syrian Defence Industry and its Geopolitical Ramifications

The developing geopolitical dynamics in the Middle East, particularly concerning Iran’ strategy and cooperation with Syria in the defence and military weapons sectors, have sparked significant shifts on the regional chessboard.

Turkey ASEAN
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Prospects and Pitfalls: The Road Ahead for Turkey-ASEAN Relations

Turkey’s engagement with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has evolved into a strategic endeavour, marked by Ankara’s quest for deeper economic, diplomatic, and cultural connections.

Kyrgyzstan money
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Kyrgyzstan’s Cooperation With Iran: Bishkek’s Attempt To Link The National Market To Tehran’s Ports

In a strategic move amid shifting geopolitical dynamics, Kyrgyzstan and Iran are attempting to expand their trade and economic ties, driven by Bishkek’s pursuit of alternative transit routes and access to Iranian oil products, and Tehran’s strategic outreach towards the Central Asian republics considering Western sanctions and recent developments in the Eurasian region.

Central Asia + GCC Summit_Islam
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Geopolitics in Action: How the “Central Asia + GCC” Summit Is Redefining Regional Dynamics

The inaugural “Central Asia + GCC” Summit held in Saudi Arabia marks a significant milestone in fostering interregional cooperation between the Gulf countries and Central Asia.

Iran and SCO
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Iran’s Entry into the SCO: A Game-Changer in Eurasian Geopolitics

Iran’s admittance to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) as a full member is a noteworthy step that has greatly impacted the geopolitical arena of the region.

Iran and Persian Gulf
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Iran’s Diplomatic Push in the Persian Gulf: Promising Steps Towards Regional Cooperation

Iran’s Foreign Minister, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, recently embarked on a three-day diplomatic tour of key Arab nations in the Persian Gulf. With a focus on economic collaboration, his visit to Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Oman marked a significant step towards enhancing relations with Iran’s southern Arab neighbours.

North Caucasus Federal University
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Bridging Nations: Promoting Cooperation between North Caucasus and Iraq through Education and Research

The recent visit of the North Caucasian Federal University (NCFU) delegation to Iraq marked a significant step towards fostering cooperation between the Russian North Caucasus and the Middle Eastern country.

Qatar Flag
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Qatar’s Central Asian Diplomatic Blitz: A New Era of Opportunity

Qatar’s recent diplomatic foray into Central Asia by the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani marked a significant step in the nation’s regional foreign policy.

Natural gas
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Exploring Iran’s Latest Natural Gas Import Deal with Turkmenistan

The recent Iran-Turkmenistan deal on natural gas export emerges as a pivotal agreement, poised to both fortify Tehran’s energy strategy and bolster Ashgabat’s endeavours towards economic diversification by expanding its trade partners.

Bahrain event
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SpecialEurasia attended an event on Bahrain’s politics and economic opportunities

On May 30th, 2023, SpecialEurasia Managing Director, Silvia Boltuc, attended the event “Bahrain yesterday and today” organised by Laila Khrais on behalf of the Assadakah and Welcome Association Italy.

Muslim world
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Ukraine – Russia conflict and the Muslim world

The KazanForum 2023 and Zelensky’s visit to Jeddah during the Arab League summit underlined how strategic is the Muslim world for Russia and Ukraine.

Iran and Georgia
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Iran and Georgia relations in the contemporary Caucasian dynamics

In this paper published in Geopolitical Report ISSN 2532-845X Vol. 2 Year 2023, the author examined the current status of Tehran-Tbilisi relations and assess possible future geopolitical scenarios concerning these two actors and the regional Caucasian dynamics.

Geopolitics of Eurasia and the Islamic world among Russia and China's interests_SpecialEurasia
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The importance of KazanForum 2023 and the China-Central Asia Summit for Eurasia and the Islamic world’s geopolitics

The KazanForum 2023 and the “China-Central Asia” Summit definitely emphasise Kremlin and Beijing’s strategies in Eurasia and the Islamic world’s strategic areas in time of confrontation with the West.

The second Karabakh War and Iran Javad Heiran Nia Geopolitical Report ISSN 2532 845X Vol.2 Year 2023
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The second Karabakh war and Iran’s interests

In this paper published in Geopolitical Report ISSN 2532-845X Vol. 2 Year 2023, the author investigated the Iranian position on the second Karabakh war and Tehran’s attempts to stabilise the region and promote its economic and political partnerships.

Geopolitical Report Volume 2 Year 2023 Banner article
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SpecialEurasia published Geopolitical Report ISSN 2532-845X Volume 2 Year 2023

SpecialEurasia, in partnership with MInter Group SRL, Notizie Geopolitiche, and Mondo Internazionale ASP, published Geopolitical Report ISSN 2532-845X Volume 2 Year 2023 focused on Iranian strategy in the South Caucasus.