Category: Geopolitics of Nuclear Energy in Eurasia

Title of the project: Geopolitics of Nuclear Energy in Eurasia

Scope: focus the attention on the role of nuclear energy in Eurasian countries’ policies and economic strategies and understand future challenges and possible threats.

Partners: CeSEM – Centro Studi Eurasia Mediterraneo

Project Manager: Silvia Boltuc

We invite analysts, academics of any educational and professional level (MA, PhD, Post-Doc and beyond), journalists, and experts from different sectors to submit papers on the geopolitics of nuclear energy in Eurasia, including but not limited to: the role of atomic energy in Eurasia, nuclear energy and ecological transition, ENI and its nuclear energy technology, nuclear energy’s role in Russian economic development and energy diversification, Chinese nuclear energy and the Belt and Road Initiative, French nuclear program and the Force de Frappe, nuclear power plants: possibilities and threats in the Eurasian geopolitical chessboard, how nuclear energy might influence the oil & gas market in the Middle East, the threat of nuclear terrorism in Eurasia, new technologies in the nuclear energy industry.

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