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Geopolitical Report ISSN 2785-2598 is our publication that aims to investigate the current geopolitical and socio-cultural events and trends shaping the world of international relations, business and security, creating a debate by allowing scholars and professional experts to share their views, perspectives, work results, reports and research findings. One can submit manuscripts, analytical reports, critical responses, short articles, commentaries, and book reviews to
Editorial Guidelines
Please, respect the following guidelines and the format of the text reported by our organisation. These are the general guidelines for the document you should send us in word format. Each paper should have:

Please submit your contribution as a Word document (rather than a PDF). No other formats will be accepted.
Format: Times New Roman 12, justify first line indent 0.6, line spacing 1.5, 1,500-2000 words. Title: Times New Roman 14 bold, Paragraphs’ titles: Times New Roman 12 bold and italic
Papers are accepted for publication on the assumption that they have not been previously published elsewhere, either in whole or in part.
In-line hyperlinks are mandatory in acknowledging sources. Use either scholarly journals, credible periodicals or newspapers as sources. We fact-check every article we publish.

Geopolitical Report ISSN 2785-2598

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