Welcome to SpecialEurasia!

SpecialEurasia is a geopolitical and Intelligence analysis platform whose purpose is to inform the Italian and foreign audience on local, regional, and international dynamics in Eurasia, produce news, reports, analysis and transform current events into valuable Intelligence for decision-making process. 

SpecialEurasia is sponsored by ASRIE Analytica as a trial project considering the numerous request for information and report on the Eurasian region. Since the beginning of our activities, we have focused on local and regional trends and dynamics. We have built a network of partners and contacts among international experts, scholars, politicians, diplomats, and business people sharing expertise and joint projects.

Our commitment is to select primary sources, monitor media and social networks, and be engaged with local representatives in Eurasia to realise the most accurate analyses, reports, insights and risk assessments in Italian and English for our audience and network of contacts and partners.

If you want to know more about our activities and projects, contact ASRIE Analytica at info@asrie.org. For more information about SpecialEurasia or possible contributions, please send an email to info@specialeurasia.com.